Hawaii Travel Planning & Travel Tips

Hawaii Climate:

Hawaii has only two seasons-winter and summer. Winter is slightly cooler and wetter, but conditions are fairly similar year-round. Visitors will generally encounter more variations between elevations and coast exposures (windward or leeward) than seasons. The east sides of the islands are wetter because of exposure to the prevailing northeast tradewinds, which bring rain to eastern shores. The west sides tend to be much drier. Individual islands also have slight variations.

The best times to visit are mid April-early June and mid September-mid November, when days will be in the 70s-80s F/22-32 C, and nights in the 60s-70s F/17-27 C. (These are also the least crowded periods.) The rainy season starts in November, but it generally won't spoil a vacation. Regardless of when you go, take a sweater for the evenings. If you're heading for mountainous areas during the winter months, you might need something heavier, as it can be cold at higher elevations.

Country Calling Codes:

There are no country codes needed when calling to and from Hawaii.


110 Volts

Travel Insurance for Hawaii Trips:

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