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Adventure Travel Insurance Plans

Understand the importance of adventure travel insurance plans for your next vacation and make sure you’re covered with the right Travel Guard plan.

Adventure travel insurance plans are designed to help cover your vacation if you plan on participating in certain adventure-type sports and activities. Some regular travel insurance plans may have exclusions (meaning no coverage) for activities that tend to be considered risky – like mountain climbing, scuba diving or bungee jumping. With an Adventure Travel Insurance Plan, those exclusions may be waived, so you can have coverage.

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Travel Guard’s award-winning travel insurance plans provide excellent coverage options and access to 24-hour emergency travel assistance. Compare our travel insurance plans to find the best option for your travels today. Get travel insurance the way you want it!

What is an adventure travel insurance plan?

Most travel insurance plans have exclusions for participation in adventure or extreme activities. Which means if something were to happen while you were participating in those type of activities, you would not have coverage. For example, if you sprained your ankle mountain climbing or broke your ski on the slopes – you wouldn’t have medical expense or personal item coverage available to reimburse your out-of-pocket expenses related to those situations. However, a travel insurance plan with adventure sports coverage removes those exclusions, so you can travel confidently knowing you’re covered. 

To learn how to best use your travel insurance plan, visit out article on how travel insurance works. how travel insurance works.

What does an adventure travel insurance plan cover?

Travel Guard offers customizable travel insurance plans for your adventure vacation. Look for a plan that has the coverage and benefit limits you need. Popular plan features include:

  • Medical expense coverage
  • Adventure sports bundle – if you’re planning extreme activities (optional add-on coverage available on certain plans)
  • Travel inconvenience benefit – a one-time payment for covered inconveniences you encounter on your trip
  • Emergency travel assistance – specialized representatives are available day or night to assist with unexpected travel issues
  • Lodging expense – coverage for certain reentry requirements into the U.S. (optional add-on coverage available on certain plans)
  • Baggage coverage
  • Trip cancellation coverage
  • Cancel for Any Reason (optional add-on coverage available on certain plans)

Do I need an adventure travel insurance plan?

For any vacation, it’s smart to cover your travel investment, but if you’re planning on participating in adventure sports activities, you’ll want to make sure you have the type of plan you need so that you’re covered. Adventure activities inherently come with more risk, not only for yourself but there’s often additional travel arrangements, equipment you may be traveling with, and excursion expenses. With a Travel Guard travel insurance plan, your travel investment can be protected, and you have access to our specially trained representatives for 24-hour travel emergency assistance. Our representatives will work to help you through any unexpected travel mishaps.

Which Travel Guard travel insurance plan is best for my adventure trip?

Travel Guard offers a few options for adventure travel insurance plans so that you can ensure you have the coverage you need while participating in thrill-seeking activities on your vacation. On our Preferred and Deluxe plans, our optional Adventure Travel Bundle add-on is available. But our plans include much more than just adventure sports coverage – flights and hotel, non-refundable excursions and rental cars can be covered with your Travel Guard travel insurance plan. 

No matter which Travel Guard insurance plan you choose, you’ll have access to our specially trained representatives for 24/7 emergency travel assistance.

What activities are considered adventure sports?

Travel Guard separates adventure sports activities into two categories – adventure and extreme. Adventure activities include things like bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, parachuting, sky diving, mountain climbing, scuba diving and similar activities. Extreme activities include things like base jumping, cliff diving, heli-skiing, hang gliding, mountain climbing (over 3,000 meters) and activities materially similar to these. With the Travel Guard optional Adventure Sports Bundle add-on, you can have coverage for these types of activities. 

Always be sure to read your policy details to make sure you have the coverage you need.

Why purchase your adventure travel insurance plan through Travel Guard?

Travel Guard is one of the world’s leading travel insurance providers with a network of service centers located in Asia, Europe and the Americas, ensuring the highest quality emergency travel services and medical assistance while you’re traveling. With early purchase benefits and optional add-on coverages, you can customize the plan and coverages you need for your adventure vacation.

Get travel insurance the way you want it!

Reviews and Testimonials

“Travel Guard is the best. I recently took a downhill mountain bike trip to Whistler, Canada. I decided to get a travel insurance plan just in case I had an accident. Of course, I did have an accident - cracked ribs, fractured collarbone and a broken bike. Travel Guard was awesome. I submitted all my paperwork and a couple weeks later I got a check in the mail. It's very nice that you can get coverage for "extreme" sports through Travel Guard. A travel insurance plan helps make me feel safer while traveling on ski/mountain bike adventures. Thanks again!”

- MaryBeth S.

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Get travel insurance the way you want it!

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