Trip Types

Choosing the right Travel Guard plan for you is an important part of the travel planning process. We've outlined our travel plan recommendations based on the type of trip you're taking. Or compare our plans side-by-side to find the one that fits you best.

Adventure Travel Insurance Plans

Adventure travel insurance plans are designed to help cover your vacation if you plan on participating in certain adventure-type sports and activities. Some regular travel insurance plans may have exclusions (meaning no coverage) for activities that tend to be considered risky – like mountain climbing, scuba diving or bungee jumping. With an Adventure Travel Insurance Plan, those exclusions may be waived, so you can have coverage.

Business Travel Insurance Plans

When you travel for business, you may have a lot on your mind. Whether you're on a domestic flight to an important meeting or traveling first class across the world to meet clients - a Travel Guard travel insurance plan can take some of the worry out of arranging your next business trip.

Cruise Travel Insurance Plans

Cruise travel insurance provides travelers with coverage for their cruise vacation from start to finish. There is a Travel Guard plan to cover your cruise vacation no matter how long or short it may be.

Flight Insurance Plans

Understand the importance of flight insurance for your next commercial airline flight and make sure you're covered with the right Travel Guard plan.

Hunting and Fishing Travel Insurance Plans

Whether you’re an avid sportsman or simply trying it out, hunting and fishing trips add an additional layer of travel insurance needs for travelers. Guided hunting and fishing trips can cost hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars. And often you’re traveling with expensive gear. Having the right travel insurance plan can help ensure that your travel investment for your hunting and fishing trip is protected.

International Travel Insurance Plans

International travel insurance provides travelers with coverage around the globe. From Mexico to Morocco and beyond, there's a Travel Guard travel insurance plan for your next trip.

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Single Trip Travel Insurance Plans

Planning a vacation takes a lot of work. Whether it's for the weekend or a month, you have accommodations, activities and transportation to manage. Not to mention things outside of your control like weather and other travelers. A Travel Guard travel insurance plan can help ease the burden of planning by knowing your travel investment is protected.

Ski Travel Insurance Plans

Ski travel insurance plans are designed to help cover your adventures down the slopes. Whether you’re about to enjoy a New England winter or glide down The Alps, Travel Guard has plans to help cover your ski vacation.

Vacation Rental Travel Insurance Plans

Travelers today have more options than just a traditional hotel when it comes to choosing accommodations. Booking a vacation rental home can give you more space, privacy and location options. Travel Guard offers coverage to suit your needs.

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