Travel insurance Plans for Pregnant Travelers

Understand the importance of a travel insurance plan when traveling pregnant. Make sure you’re covered with the right Travel Guard plan.

From visiting family before your baby is born to traveling to a dream destination to celebrate the time you and your partner have before your baby arrives, there are plenty of reasons travelers might be taking a trip while pregnant. It’s important to understand how your travel insurance plan coverages may be impacted by pregnancy.

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What is a travel insurance plan for pregnant travelers?

Travel Guard does not have plans specific to traveling while pregnant; however, there are coverages that are important to consider if you’re planning to travel while pregnant. Having a travel insurance plan with medical expense coverage, trip cancellation coverage, and 24/7 travel emergency assistance can help give you peace of mind while traveling. It’s also important to understand any coverage exclusions that might be considered related to pregnancy, so make sure you read your policy of insurance.

What does a travel insurance plan cover for pregnant travelers?

There are no coverages that are specific to pregnancy, but there are certain coverages that might be impacted if you’re pregnant. Having the right coverage and understanding how you’re covered is important. Look for a plan that has the coverage and benefit limits your travel needs. Popular plan features include:

  • Medical expense coverage (be sure to understand how pregnancy may impact this benefit)
  • Trip cancellation/trip interruption coverage
  • Missed flight connection assistance
  • Trip exchange – coverage for difference in cost or fees associated with changing your vacation to new travel dates 
  • Baggage coverage 
  • Rental vehicle damage coverage (optional add-on coverage)
  • Cancel For Any Reason (optional add-on coverage available with certain plans)

Do I need a travel insurance plan to travel while pregnant?

Travel insurance plans are not usually a requirement for traveling, though it can be very beneficial for travelers. Depending on the travel insurance plan, pregnancy may impact coverage in different ways. For example, a normal pregnancy or childbirth may be a covered reason to cancel your trip if you purchased your travel insurance plan before the pregnancy. On the other hand, medical expense coverage does not provide coverage for normal pregnancy or childbirth. In the event that you have unexpected complications while traveling there may be coverage available. 

Another important thing to consider with your travel insurance plan is 24/7 emergency travel assistance. You have enough to worry about, let Travel Guard help with certain details. Travel Guard’s specially trained representatives can help with things like rebooking flights, finding English speaking doctors, providing translation assistance and assisting with prescription replacement.

Which Travel Guard travel insurance plan is best for my trip?

Our Deluxe Plan is a great option for pregnant travelers as it offers the highest benefit limits and includes popular services and coverages such as trip exchange, trip delay and baggage coverage. For more coverage, consider adding on a bundle such as the Name Your Family™ bundle to include a non-relative in the definition of family as it relates to coverage on your policy.

Can I purchase a travel insurance plan while pregnant?

Yes. You can absolutely purchase a travel insurance plan if you’re traveling while pregnant. Just be sure to read the policy of insurance on your travel insurance plan to understand how pregnancy may impact your coverage.

I just found out I’m pregnant, can I be reimbursed if I cancel my trip?

You can be reimbursed for prepaid and nonrefundable expenses for covered losses due to pregnancy so long as you became pregnant after the effective date of your coverage. Be sure to confirm what you’ll need to submit a claim.

Why book your travel insurance plan through Travel Guard as a pregnant traveler?

Travel Guard is one of the world’s leading travel insurance providers with a network of service centers located in Asia, Europe and the Americas, ensuring the highest quality emergency travel services and medical assistance while you’re traveling. With early purchase benefits and optional add-on coverages, you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation knowing your travel investment is more protected.

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I became very ill in India recently and we didn’t know what to do.  We called Travel Guard and they arranged a doctor and nurse to be sent to our hotel who subsequently took me to a very good hospital in New Delhi.  The hospital was pleasant and modern and the doctors and nurses very competent and kind.  I couldn’t have had better care.   They even let my husband stay in the hospital room and fed him as well.  When I got my permission to fly papers 6 days later, Travel Guard and the hospital arranged for our flight home and for a nurse to accompany me with medications and extra oxygen to be put on the plane.  I am grateful to the Travel Guard team for their care, concern and efficiency, and I will make sure that all my traveling friends and acquaintances know how important travel insurance is and that they should be sure that that insurance is Travel Guard!
Karen E.

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