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Business Travel Insurance Plans

Understand the importance of a business travel insurance plan for your next work trip and make sure you’re covered with the right Travel Guard plan.

When you travel for business, you may have a lot on your mind. Whether you’re on a domestic flight to an important meeting or traveling first-class across the world to meet clients – a Travel Guard travel insurance plan can take some of the worry out of arranging your next business trip. Travel Guard offers coverages helpful for business travelers like trip cancellation/interruption coverage due to work reasons and involuntary job loss. Travel Guard offers plans and coverages to suit your needs.

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Travel Guard’s award-winning travel insurance plans provide excellent coverage options and access to 24-hour emergency travel assistance. Compare our travel insurance plans to find the best option for your travels today. Get travel insurance the way you want it!

What is business travel insurance?

Business travel insurance is travel insurance to cover your business-specific trip. You might have different coverage needs when traveling for business versus a personal trip, and Travel Guard’s comprehensive plans can be customized to fit your needs. Business travel plans often come with assistance services, so you can navigate any travel disruptions with ease. Travel Guard’s 24/7 emergency travel assistance representatives are ready to help our business travelers any time of the day or night.

What does a business travel insurance plan cover?

Travel Guard offers customizable travel insurance plans for your business trip. Look for a plan that has the coverage and benefit limits you need. Popular plan features include:

  • Medical expense coverage
  • Trip cancellation/interruption coverage
  • Missed connection assistance
  • Baggage coverage
  • Car rental coverage
  • Lodging expense – coverage for reentry requirements into the U.S. (optional add-on coverage available with certain plans)
  • Cancel For Any Reason (optional add-on coverage available with certain plans)
  • Emergency travel assistance – specialized representatives are available day or night for unexpected travel issues

Do I need a business travel insurance plan?

For any trip, it’s smart to cover your travel investment, but it can be even more important with a business trip. Often business trips can pop up last minute, which can mean expensive flights and hotels. There’s more of your investment at risk if something goes wrong. That’s why Travel Guard’s Deluxe Plan or Preferred Plan, with higher coverage limits, is a smart option for business travel insurance. All of Travel Guard’s travel insurance plans come with access to our specially trained representatives for 24/7 emergency travel assistance. We know you have enough to worry about when you’re traveling for business, let Travel Guard help with the unexpected.

Which Travel Guard insurance plan is best for my business trip?

Travel Guard’s Deluxe Plan is a great option for business travelers, because it has higher benefit limits and additional coverage options to cover your business trip. With optional add-ons, like Cancel for Any Reason or Travel Guard’s rental vehicle damage coverage, you can create the plan to fit your needs. Planning to take a lot of business trips throughout the year? Consider Travel Guard’s Annual Plan so that you know you’re covered for every trip!

How much does a business travel insurance plan cost?

Travel insurance plans typically cost between 5-7% of your total trip cost. There are several factors at play when pricing your insurance plan like the product you select and any add-ons you choose. Check out our article on how much travel insurance costs for even more detail.

Can I purchase group business travel insurance coverage for my employees?

Yes, Travel Guard offers corporate travel insurance plans for employers to purchase for their employees. More information is available on our corporate travel website.

Why purchase your business travel insurance plan through Travel Guard?

Travel Guard is one of the world’s leading travel insurance providers with a network of service centers located in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, ensuring the highest quality emergency travel services and medical assistance while you’re traveling. With early purchase benefits and optional add-on coverages, you can customize the plan and coverages you need for your business trip.

  • Get travel insurance the way you want it!


Reviews and Testimonials

"I had to cancel a trip at the very last minute due to a back injury. The claims department walked me through the process and eased my mind while getting my paperwork in order. I easily submitted the claim online and was told it would be four weeks for a decision. Hardly a week had gone by before I had a notification that the claim would be paid and the funds showed up a few days later. My wife and I are very pleased with how helpful the claims reps were and how easy the online process was. We will be sure to use you again in the future!”

- Costa M.

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