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    Whether planning a summer trip with friends or family, we all want our trip to go off without a hitch.

    Keep reading for unique summer travel tips that can be useful for all types of travelers.


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  • Travel Tip

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    When planning a family trip, make sure you pack a bag of activities for the kids to keep them occupied on the road and at stops along the way. Some activities can be informational as well as educational. Don’t forget the snacks to refuel and recharge!

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  • Family summer travel tips

    Whether planning a summer trip with friends or family, we all want our trip to go off without a hitch.

    Keep reading for unique summer travel tips that can be useful for all types of travelers.

    • Think In Body Sections When Packing: Remembering to pack every last thing for each family member can be exhausting. Here’s a packing tip: Visualize your head and go down each portion of your body, and write down what you may need for each section while traveling. Do the same for your children. You can always cross items off the list later.
    • Save Money: If your travels include driving, save money by packing a cooler with food and drinks. Avoid ATM fees by taking out cash with a debit card purchase at a grocery store or gas station. Also, save money on the vacation itself by bundling hotel airfare and activities.
    • Pack One Change of Clothes in Carry On: Pack one extra change of clothes for each person in their carry-on bag. Twenty-nine million pieces of luggage are lost or delayed/misplaced every year. If your bag is one of them, having a set of clothes to change into while you are waiting for your luggage to be found is a lifesaver. (Remember, if you luggage does get lost and you have a Travel Guard plan, call for 24/7 assistance in finding your luggage).
    • Pack Old Underthings? Packing light might be one way to bring home extra souvenirs, but so is packing your oldest undergarments. As you and your family wear old undergarments throughout the trip, throw them out the next day. This lightens your suitcase and/or makes room for cool souvenirs along the way.
    • How to Keep Kids Occupied: If your destination is hours away, pre-make binders for each child that include a coloring book, blank paper, crossword puzzles and activity sheets. Also include a zipper bag of crayons and writing utensils. Free printable coloring pages, stories and activities can be found here and here.
    • Child Flying Solo? Make sure you go over the itinerary several times before they leave. Book direct flights when you can, and make sure the child has identification and reminder instructions on him/her before leaving. Other great tips for children flying solo can be found here.
    • Pack a Travel Insurance Plan: We may be partial to this tip, but the truth is, a travel insurance plan can cover you for things that may go wrong while traveling. If you or your child gets hurt or become injured, we can cover medical expenses. If you need a new flight or hotel, our 24/7 assistance coordinators can arrange it for you. If your trip becomes interrupted or cancelled, we can cover the cost of all pre-paid, non-refundable expenses… and more!

    Make sure your family travel plans stay on track. Cover yourself and remember to pack a travel insurance plan today. Simply ask your travel agent, call 1.800.826.1300 or log click here to get a quote.

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