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  • Witness the beauty and fascination of Istanbul, Turkey


    Istanbul, Turkey, boasts an interesting claim to fame - it is one of the few cities in the world that straddles two continents. Nestled between the borders of Asia and Europe, this stunning and historical destination boasts many modern attractions that are intertwined with a rich history and tradition. Travelers can have a truly unique experience when they choose to visit the city on their next adventure travel getaway.

    The religious sites are usually the first stops on a traveler's visit, including the majestic Blue Mosque and the Ayasofya Cathedral. Other notable landmarks include the massive Grand Bazaar and the Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

    Istanbul's delectable cuisine  

    A foodie jaunt through the streets of Istanbul should not be missed. Many chefs have blended together inspirations from global customs to create their own unique style. Many travelers choose to visit eateries that serve mezes, or small plates, so they can sample a little bit of everything. These dishes can include stuffed eggplant, smoked artichokes, or bits of simit bread. Individuals who are feeling particularly brave may want to order the hamsi if found on the menu. This consists of small anchovies that are breaded whole and deep fried, scales and all.

    Festivals occur year-round in Istanbul  

    Istanbul has a wealth of permanent attractions to enjoy, but this city also hosts many festivals and events throughout the year. This destination, for instance, has a great love of opera, and often presents concerts and contests that thousands of locals and visitors flock to at city-wide venues. This September, guests can make plans to visit the Hagia Irene Museum to watch the Leyla Gener Voice Competition, where up-and-coming singers specializing in operatic vocals hope to be noticed by talent scouts and admired by new fans.

    Travelers who prefer a little more rock n' roll can head to the Uni-Rock Festival at Kucukciftlik Park in September. More than 40,000 spectators are expected to dance the night away and listen to a bevy of top artists from across the world, including Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, to name a few.

    September also brings lovers of the written word to gather for the annual International Poetry Festival happening throughout the city. Hundreds of guests will attend various readings, lectures and presentations of poetry at museums, shops, restaurants and outdoor parks for the five-day event that features writers from Africa to Asia and everything in between.

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