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  • The world's best zoos


    Few attractions are as universally beloved as zoos, areas that have long been a popular family travel destination - and for good reason. Zoos are one of the few places that blend education and conservation with wonder and discovery. Taking advantage of some of the world's best zoos can provide travel inspiration for any tourist.

    America's best 
    One of the best known and innovative zoos in the world is located in Southern California. With over 4,000 animals roaming across 100 acres of land, the San Diego zoo has long been a leader in innovative animal protection. Home to a multitude of unique animal habitats, San Diego also has a separate Children's Zoo, restaurants and guided bus tours. Performances and educational shows are also sprinkled throughout the park for the viewer's enjoyment.

    While it may seem like a surprise location to some, the Columbus Zoo in Columbus, Ohio has a relationship with legendary animal expert and conservationist Jack Hanna which led to it being considered one of the best zoos in the nation. The exemplary environmental protection program is matched by the strides Columbus is taking to be seen as an attraction for all ages.

    The facility has started hosting events like jazz festivals and movie nights within the park to attract a wider audience. Supplementing the zoo is an aquarium and the Zoombezi Bay Waterpark. With exhilarating water rides and more calm swimming and wading pools, the water park provides a fun complement to the zoo. 

    The world's best
    Animals roaming freely in their natural habitats is a trademark of the Singapore Zoo. Anyone taking part in Asia travel to the area should look into visiting this boundary-breaking zoo. Featuring elevated platforms, underwater galleries and glass observatories, the park has been providing exclusive experiences with animals for over thirty years.

    The Edinburgh Zoo in Edinburgh, Scotland, is somewhat of a hidden gem when it comes to the animal world. Edinburgh boasts the UK's only giant pandas as well as the largest penguin exhibit in Europe. Recent renovations have created a special haven for animals and animal lovers, and the zoo has set itself up to be separate from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding historic cities.

    Europe travel often focuses on the vast history of the locations visited, and the native animals can be overlooked. One trip to this Scottish zoo - or any zoo, for that matter - can be both eye-opening and enjoyable for travelers.

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