Spain Travel Planning & Travel Tips

Americans living in or visiting Spain or Andorra are encouraged to register at the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Madrid or at the U.S. Consulate General in Barcelona, where they may obtain updated information on travel and security within Spain or Andorra.

Embassy Contact Information:

The U.S. Embassy in Madrid, Spain, is located at Serrano 75; telephone (34)(91) 587-2200, and fax (34)(91) 587-2303. U.S. citizens who register in the Consular Section at the U.S. Embassy, Consulate General, or Consular Agency listed below can obtain updated information on travel and security within Spain or Andorra. Additional information is available through the U.S. Embassy's Internet homepage at


The months April-June and September and October are the best times to visit. July and August are generally very hot, and it can be a bit cool in October in the higher elevations and Basque area. Sweaters will be needed for evenings. Winter, though generally mild, can be rainy, foggy and windy. We think winter, even on the Costa del Sol, is on the cool side-much too cool to sunbathe and swim. It rains more on the Bay of Biscay coast than on the southern Mediterranean coast. The temperature cools dramatically at high altitudes.

Calling Internationally:

If you don't speak Spanish, you'll find it easier to telephone from your hotel, but remember that this is often very expensive because hotels impose a surcharge on every operator-assisted call. In some cases it can be as high as 40% or more. On the street, phone booths (known as cabinas) have dialing instructions in English; you can make local calls by inserting a .25€ (20¢) coin for 3 minutes.

In Spain many smaller establishments, especially bars, discos, and a few informal restaurants, don't have phones. Further, many summer-only bars and discos secure a phone for the season only, then get a new number the next season. Many attractions, such as small churches or even minor museums, have no staff to receive inquiries from the public.

In 1998, all telephone numbers in Spain changed to a nine-digit system instead of the six- or seven-digit method used previously. Each number is now preceded by its provincial code for local, national, and international calls. For example, when calling to Madrid from Madrid or another province within Spain, telephone customers must dial 91-123-4567. Similarly, when calling Valladolid from within or outside the province, dial 979-123-4567.

To call Spain from another country, first dial the international long-distance code (011) plus the country code (34), followed by the 9-digit number. Hence, when calling Madrid from the United States, dial (011-34) 91-123-4567.

To make an international call from Spain, you must dial 07, followed by the country code, the area code, and the telephone number.


Most hotels have 220 volts AC (50 cycles). Some older places have 110 or 125 volts AC. Carry your adapter with you, and always check at your hotel desk before plugging in any electrical appliance. It's best to travel with battery-operated equipment or just buy a new hair dryer in Spain.

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