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Car Rental Collision Insurance - An Easier Way

It happens every time you're at the rental car agency. Just when you think you’re ready to go, they spring the question, "Do you want the auto rental insurance?" We get it. It's the last thing travelers want to think about. That's why we created an easier way. Now, you can forego expensive physical damage rental car insurance and decline any collision damage waiver the agency offers with confidence.

Instead, for $9 per day, travel easy with Travel Guard's Car Rental Collision Insurance plan. It's an affordable physical damage insurance plan for rental cars that provides reliable coverage for costs of repairs due to a car collision or comprehensive damage to your rental car. Better yet, this rental car insurance plan provides primary coverage. That means, this car damage coverage kicks in without you having to involve your auto insurance carrier, and all at an affordable, flat daily rate we challenge you to find anywhere else.

Include Travel Guard's Car Rental Collision Insurance Plan and travel with:

  • $35,000 in rental car primary physical damage coverage (subject to a $250.00 deductible) 
  • Car Rental Collision Insurance – An Easier Way
  • Reliable coverage anywhere in the world, not just in the States.
  • Quick and easy claims resolution

So the next time you feel hassled by car rental insurance questions at the counter, you can smile easy and respond with a polite, "No, I've got it covered".