Travel Anxiety

Many travelers suffer from flight anxiety, which can feel like a huge hurdle to overcome when planning a trip, but travelers also face other anxieties, such as fear of catching an illness or fear of turbulence.


For fear of catching COVID or other illnesses:

If you worry about catching the flu, COVID or other illnesses while traveling, there are things you can do that would have labeled you as a “germaphobe” in the past. Now it is quite acceptable to take extra precautions when it comes to your health. A few things that will help protect you include:

  • Wear a mask. 
  • Carry sanitizing wipes (and clean all those surfaces you touch on a plane). 
  • Use hand sanitizer frequently. 
  • Bring your own blanket and pillow. 
  • Stay hydrated. 
  • Choose a window seat.


For a general fear of flying:

Flying is one of the safest ways to travel - a 2020 U.S. study showed that 0.8% of transportation fatalities were airplane-related compared to 94% that were highway-related.1 Still, aerophobia is quite real and can be a major hindrance for some travelers. Here are several ways you can ease your anxiety before and during your flight:

  • Take deep breathes, which helps to relax and relieve stress.2 Take time to learn and practice breathing techniques and exercises before you travel. 
  • Visualize yourself in your safe place when you are in the air. Whether it is your dreamy vacation spot, your favorite park or lying on your couch. This will help comfort you inflight. 
  • Consider earplugs and an eye mask to ease anxiety. 
  • Distract yourself. Watch the in-flight movies, listen to music or to your favorite podcasts or read that book you have been meaning to finish.3 Distractions will keep mind busy, leaving less room for anxiety. 
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they can accentuate your anxiety symptoms and prevent you from getting some rest.4 
  • Try stretching. Simple movements can help to release tension and anxiety: choosing an aisle seat will make it easier to get up and stretch regularly.


For fear of turbulence:

While it can be scary, it is rare to be injured in flight due to turbulence. From 2009 to 2021, there were 30 passengers and 116 crew members seriously injured because of turbulence out of the millions of people who fly every year.5

  • Understand the noises a plane makes and the causes of turbulence. 
  • Check the weather to determine how turbulent your flight may be. 
  • Wear your seatbelt while seated and follow instructions from pilots and flight attendants. 
  • Put children under the age of two in their own seat and use an appropriate child-restraint system. 
  • Follow carry-on restrictions, as bags can fall out of the overhead bins or become projectiles during turbulence. 
  • Sit over the wing for a smoother ride. 
  • Remember that planes are designed to handle turbulence.

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