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Don't forget travel insurance!

It can be great heading home for the holidays, seeing family and friends and taking some time to relax. Holiday travel on the other hand isn’t as relaxing. If you’re traveling this month, you probably know to expect longer lines at security that could slow you down. We have some tips to help you speed up that process so you can get on to the best part of your trip!

Know the Rules
Simply knowing what is and isn’t allowed in your carry-on will help speed up the process. You can check up to date TSA guidelines to make sure any gifts or food you’re bringing will pass the screening process.

Recombobulation Area
A funny name made up by General Mitchell International Airfield in Milwaukee, the recombobulation area is an area away from the conveyor belt where you can take a minute to put shoes on, jackets on, and store items. Moving away from the conveyor belt frees up space for other TSA screening passengers and gets the line moving.

Wear Slip-On Shoes
Without TSA Pre✓®, know that you’ll need to remove your shoes prior to screening. Knowing this ahead of time and wearing shoes you can slip on and off easily will save you time.

TSA Pre✓®
One of the best ways to ensure your time in the security line is short is to invest in TSA Pre✓®. According to TSA, in October 2018 93% of TSA Pre✓® passengers waited less than 5 minutes getting through the security line.1 Pre Check saves time by not requiring you remove your shoes, liquid, electronics, belt, or jacket.

Pack Travel Insurance
You can’t prepare for everything, so remembering to pack a travel insurance plan through Travel Guard for 24/7 travel assistance is important. Travel Guard can assist in re-booking cancelled flights, making hotel arrangements, and other emergency travel assistance. Travel insurance plans can also provide coverage for medical expenses and emergency medical evacuations.



Destination Spotlight - Estes Park, CO

Celebrate the holidays with white sand instead of white snow. Saint Lucia, an extremely lush Caribbean island, might be just what you are looking for. There are many festivals held throughout the year in Saint Lucia. In mid-December the island hosts the Festival of Lights and Renewal which includes light sculptures and lantern contests.2 You’ll find the countryside dotted with bonfires to celebrate the holiday season. Take in the exquisite snorkeling, food, and festivities of the island and you’ll find yourself dreaming of palm trees and beaches all year round.



What are Travel Guard® customers saying?

“Travel Guard was a fantastic help following a weather related event which stranded my wife and me on Eleuthera in the Bahamas for four days. We were able to get a charter plane back after only two stranded days and this we had to do to get back to work--as we both work at a University we had to return to be able to keep our classes rolling and our students up to snuff. Travel Guard covered a lot of our extra expenses and we will continue using them forever and a day.”

-William L.

Planning a vacation? Don't forget to pack a travel insurance plan!

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