Weather lets travelers book Caribbean trips at great rates

weather lets travelers book caribbean trips at great rates

Savvy travelers know that travel rates fluctuate based on the season, and they can score some big savings by booking their vacations around these discounts. One of the regions that exemplifies this trend every year is the Caribbean, where hurricane season brings with it lower rates on airfare and hotel rooms.

According to the New York Times, the threat of hurricanes and colder weather means solid rates in the Caribbean as compared to the sky-high prices of the summer. The news source highlighted this in a recent edition of the "Frugal Traveler" column, which normally looks at off the beaten path destinations in order to find great deals on travel.

Many wouldn't think of Bermuda as being one of those places, but the news source reveals that those planning a vacation there in the fall will find much cheaper rates than peak travel times. This might make it a good choice to plan family travel or even a family reunion, as a lack of interest at some hotels and resorts means low occupancy rates and wide open rooms.

The news source also reveals that Bermuda is a great choice for budget travelers because it offers a wide range of free public beaches beyond resorts. Travelers might typically feel that Caribbean travel is prohibitively expensive, but by booking at off-peak times, they can save a bundle on a great vacation.

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