New Year's resolutions for planning your trips in 2017

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New Year's resolutions are great for making modest, but important, changes in your regular life. And if you're a frequent traveler, it might make sense to build a pledge around that passion. There are plenty ways you can maximize your experiences and also make things easier for yourself in the process. Consider any of these New Year's resolutions when planning your next trip:

Take a chance on a new country
An easy way to expand your horizons is to visit a new country in the coming year. To really maximize this effort, select a place on the map that is a little less traveled. This idea will offer an utterly unique and special experience. For example, Travel and Leisure suggested forgoing a safari in South Africa for an adventure in Namibia. The country is remarkably beautiful but sees less tourism than its neighbor. Across the globe, there are ways to bypass the most popular - and expensive - destinations for places that aren't as well known.

Bring what you learn home
A trip abroad can simply represent a relaxing vacation, but also provides an opportunity to learn and grow. During your visit, do what you can to have memorable experiences and make meaningful observations that can inform your sensibilities and convictions. Beyond making intangible strides, you can also absorb some of the customs and traditions you encounter and integrate them into your everyday life. Spend time with locals to pick up everything from the language and art to the food and routines. By selecting a New Year's resolution that revolves around getting more out of your travels, you can make sure each adventure challenges you in the right ways.

Stay active on the go
A great way to see a new country in an intimate way is to look for chances to get active. Journalist Larry Olmsted told Forbes that this is among the fastest growing segments of the travel industry, which means you have a number of options when it comes to exercising during a trip.

Once you get your bearings, going for a jog or long walk is an excellent idea for experiencing the heart and soul of a city. Some cultures also have specific forms of exercise that could be interesting to try. Look for a tai chi class during a visit to China or a yoga session when in India. Otherwise, hiking or biking in a city park or nearby wildlife preserve is also an excellent choice for staying active during your travels.

Get organized
Beyond making the most of your experiences abroad, you may also make your New Year's resolution to simply be a little more collected and efficient on a trip. This may mean staying proactive about keeping your passport current and other logistical concerns. You could also simply pledge to take more photos or send more postcards.

If you plan on doing a good amount of travel in the coming year, be mindful of small changes you can make to maximize your time abroad and fully take advantage of any trip.

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