Tips for Traveling Green

lady on bike in city

While Earth Day is April 22, we should think of our impact on the Earth year round. Every little bit helps when it comes to protecting our planet; after all we’ve only got one! Take a look at these green travel ideas for your next trip:

Purchase Carbon Credits

Offset your carbon footprint as a traveler by purchasing carbon credits, which you can donate towards reforestation or renewable energy projects. Check out Sustainable Travel International to see how big your travel footprint is.

Fly Non-Stop

Airplanes emit a large percentage of their carbon emissions during takeoff and landing. Book a non-stop flight when possible. It’s more ecological and often times more convenient. 

Stay in Green Accommodations

There are many hotels out there that are realizing it’s a good idea to go green. Check out sites like Green Hotels Association to find hotels to stay at. Or check the green policies in place at other hotels you’re interested in.

Reduce Your Laundry

Did you know 40% of a hotel’s energy is used for hot water for laundry?1 Use your sheets and towels for more than one day and help reduce their energy use.

Go Biking

Instead of exploring the city by using a taxi or other vehicle, take in the sights using one of Earth’s most eco-friendly forms of transportation – the bicycle! Plus, it’s often less expensive to rent a bike for the day than taking a cab or renting a car. Check out these cities that offer Bike Share, a city-wide bike rental program. 

Shop Local

Visit local farmers’ markets or eat at restaurants that only use local food sources. Additionally, purchase souvenirs that are locally sourced (not shipped from elsewhere). 


Wherever your travels may take you, a great trip requires planning, reliable information (like Travel Guard Travel News articles) and a little bit of luck. And seasoned travelers know that when you travel, no matter how much you plan, sometimes things happen. When you run into unexpected issues, Travel Guard travel protection plans are here for you. If you're new to travel insurance, we have several pages that can help you compare plans and provide examples of why you should buy travel insurance for your upcoming trip.