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Caribbean Travel

Page last updated on 5/15/2013 01:42:07 PM

Panama City: A Central American city on the rise

5/15/2013 01:42:07 PM

People who travel to Central America often visit for the natural appeal, but Panama City is working to change that.

Head to St. Lucia's famous Jazz Festival this spring

4/5/2012 10:34:16 AM

Those who can't get enough of the sea and sky can make plans to head for the Caribbean this spring. Specifically, St. Lucia is the quintessential island full of pristine shorelines and stunning landscapes covered in tropical flora and fauna. Not only does this destination have amazing natural wonders to admire year-round, but it also hosts an exciting Jazz Festival every year that welcomes residents and tourists alike to attend in April and May.

Explore the small Caribbean island of St. Eustatius

2/14/2012 01:40:36 PM

Some travelers may shy away from Caribbean travel because they think the islands are too busy or crowded. However, there are some locations that have fewer tourists and are ideal for adventurous baby boomers looking to explore a new place. St. Eustatius, for instance is one such location that may be ideal for an exotic vacation.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, is an excellent budget travel destination

11/16/2011 11:01:34 AM

The Dominican Republic is the perfect place for escaping a cold winter this year. With a number of well-priced activities, this location is also a great choice for vacationers who are on a budget. Saving money on vacation is important and can make necessities such as travel insurance easier to purchase.

Family travel resorts in the Caribbean

6/20/2011 11:54:21 AM

People traveling with children may have difficulties finding a vacation package or resort that caters to all age groups in the family. Some may feel like they have the choice between taking an adult vacation or one that caters to children, but many resorts in the Caribbean are striving to reverse this misconception by offering packages for the whole family.


Cayman Islands offers a new spot for diving excursions

1/25/2011 02:02:33 PM

If the endless sunshine and beautiful scenery weren't enough to sway travelers into visiting the Caribbean, a new reason may pop up as soon as this weekend.

Scuba diving to one of Bermuda's sunken ships

11/12/2010 02:34:14 PM

Bermuda is known by many as the island around which many shipwrecks have occurred, but perhaps fewer people will know about the coral reef system around the island, which is teeming with sea life.