AIG Travel Urges Travelers to Prepare for Hurricane Season

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Hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30, and for those traveling to coastal destinations, it’s important be prepared for the “what ifs” that come along with traveling this time of year. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), forecasters predict four to eight hurricanes, including two to four major hurricanes to be Category 3 or higher, and AIG Travel, a provider travel insurance and global assistance, offers several tips for planning travel during this time of year.

Although a major weather event may only affect one geographic area, flight cancellations and airport closures can easily have ripple effects that disrupt flight schedules and travel plans for thousands of travelers across the country, as well as flights to and from domestic or international destinations. 

Download the travel preparation checklist.


To avoid a last-minute scramble, travelers should always remember to purchase travel insurance early before a tropical weather system is named. Once a hurricane is named, it’s probably too late for your travel insurance’s trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage to cover losses due to the storm.

If unforeseen severe weather disrupts your plans, a travel insurance solution with trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage may help cover your losses. Before you book your flight, hotel or other accommodations, call ahead to find out about allowances in the cancellation policy in the event of a hurricane.


Before taking off, travelers should research the destination they plan to visit, check the websites and social media sites of hotels or air carriers to monitor real-time updates and call to ask questions directly to a company representative, if needed. Travelers should also sign up to receive flight status alerts on their mobile devices to stay aware of delays and cancellations. If you are a U.S. citizen planning to travel internationally, you should sign up for the U.S. Embassy’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), which will make it easier to get in contact with you if there is an emergency (such as a hurricane, typhoon or other natural disaster) in the area to which you are traveling.


If the airport from which flights are scheduled to depart is closed due to a hurricane or other weather event, travel insurance may cover the expenses incurred because of the delay. Additionally, reasonable accommodations and travel expenses may be covered until travel becomes possible. Travel Guard travel insurance plans include 24/7 emergency assistance services that can coordinate efforts on your behalf when you need it and many include coverage benefits to transport you safely home.

To keep track of the latest hurricane-related news, visit the National Weather Services’ National Hurricane Center.

Be sure to pack a Travel Guard® travel insurance plan  from AIG Travel, so you can enjoy your vacation with confidence. In the event of a covered tropical weather event, travel insurance may provide coverage under the Trip Cancellation benefit so that you may be reimbursed for the prepaid, forfeited, nonrefundable trip costs up to the limit of the coverage purchased. Many travel insurance plans also come with 24/7 assistance services to rebook cancelled flights and help you get to safety. For more information, contact your travel advisor, call Travel Guard at 1-800-826-1300 or visit





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