What travel adapters will work in Israel?

Israeli flag

Despite problems in the Middle East, Israel is a relatively safe country with a burgeoning tourism industry. A host of resorts offer travelers a variety of choices for a luxury vacation. Yet travelers should be sure that whether they're in Israel for an extended stay or just a short trip, they have the proper travel adapter for the country.

Unlike other countries, Israel has its own wiring system that is completely unique to the country. While the country has its own three-pronged system, European travel adapters will work in some newer Israeli outlets.

For travelers to be able to use their travel gadgets while studying or vacationing in Israel, they will have to purchase a separate travel adapter specifically for Israel's plugs. Israel outlets are in a "V" shape. Older sockets will fit flat plugs, while new ones have round holes to also fit the European travel adapters.

Travelers who are planning to visit Israel will be able to use the European travel adapters for many of the plugs. However, they must also want to invest in specific Israel travel adapters in order to ensure that their devices will be working no matter which outlet they are faced with.