Want to enhance your travel experience? Try flying premium economy

premium economy seats on an airplane

Why do travelers choose premium economy seating? Everything from the flight's menu to the size of the chairs is enhanced for maximum comfort and convenience at a lower cost than business class. In fact, according to the SeatGuru, premium economy is generally around 65 percent less expensive than business class.

You have a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing which airline you want to experience premium seating with. Although there may be one that you use most frequently, if you're thinking about booking premium economy seats, it's worth checking out your other options because every airline offers different features and costs. Depending on your destination, consider one of these top notch premium economy deals.

Virgin Atlantic

According to Fodor's Travel, the premium economy seats offered by Virgin Atlantic are the same size and comfort level as many business class seats on other airlines. Passengers can recline farther than they would be able to in most other premium chairs. They can also choose from an impressive, three-course dinner selection that's served on fine china. After dinner, there's a drink list for passegers to choose from to cleanse the palette.

Travelers also get priority boarding and baggage handling with a separate check-in and bag drop. This makes getting to their gate easy and convenient without having to deal with hassles like long check-in lines and lost luggage.


People traveling to destinations, such as Australia, New Zealand or Fiji, should consider flying with Qantas airlines. The premium economy experience is known for being among the most stylish and chic in the industry. Travelers will find the work of both world-class designers and chefs aboard the Qantas. For example, Marc Newson and Recaro designed and constructed the ergonomic headrests found on each chair, while Australia's famous chef, Neil Perry, cooks each dish found on the dinner menu.

Conde Nast Traveler recommended the premium economy cabin for wider seats with a pitch of up to 42 inches. A touch-screen television for every passenger as well as power outlets and USB plugs make entertainment easy and of high quality.

Cathay Pacific

If you plan on embarking on Asia travel, Cathay Pacific is a great option. From the minute you step onto the flight, you're treated like a valued passenger. Travelers receive a hot towel and a glass of champagne to start their journey off right. Not only do premium economy passengers have a significant amount of leg room when compared to those flying in standard economy, but they also get to stretch out with a multi-position foot rest, or a leg rest if seated in the front row.

One of the most unique features offered by the airline is the amenity kit given to each guest. According to The Design Air, these come with high-end accessories, such as noise-canceling headphones which can be used to watch a film on personalized televisions that include movies on-demand.


The Italian airline flies to a variety of destinations across the world and offers its Classica Plus Ticket, which is the equivalent of premium economy. Each chair reclines 120 degrees - 40 percent more recline than standard economy seats offer - and features full leg rests, making it impossible not to feel completely relaxed as you make your way to your destination. Watch your favorite movie or television show on your private LCD screen, with a selection of over 45 films.

When it comes to the food, Conde Nast Traveler noted that passengers who spend the extra air fare on a Classica Plus seat get a taste of a true Italian dining experience with an antipasto dish, some of Italy's finest wine and a shot of espresso to finish off the meal in traditional Italian style.

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