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Working with offices or clients in a different city or country is common, and due to this, many modern professionals rely on business travel. It can be refreshing to break from the office and spend time in another location - not to mention that travel is exciting and, some people find, relaxing. If nothing else, while in the air some workers have a chance to unplug. Whatever the reason for your business travel, chances are you have your systems in place to move efficiently to your destination. It is, however, always possible to improve upon current practices, and business travel experts like to offer up their advice and experiences.

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Packing and planning tips
Business Insider gathered up business travel tips from a range of authorities on the subject; everyone loves to share travel stories and what works best for them. Some people find that ensuring they only take a carry-on, no matter what, is the best way to go for business travel. You can exit the airport more quickly because there will be no additional baggage for which to wait, and if you have an important meeting, it might be key to arrive on time - if not slightly early.

According to the news provider, making business travel smoother starts way before you leave for the airport: when planning your itinerary. You should always try to remember the difference between direct and nonstop flights to avoid getting stuck at an airport, potentially missing work at your destination. Nonstop flights don't actually stop, but direct flights may stop and you have to sit on the plane while other passengers come aboard or leave, the news provider says.

Fix up, look sharp
Sometimes when traveling, you have to run through airports, stand longer than that to which you are accustomed and wear uncomfortable footwear. Dressing well on business trips is key because you're representing the company, and may just receive special treatment for looking sharp. Another expert suggests bringing a tennis ball with you to enjoy a mid-air foot massage. Flying can also make your feet swell, adding to further irritation. Rolling the ball under your foot can not only ease soreness, but also help you relax.

Taking care of yourself
On longer flights, you may receive an in-flight meal. Why not select a specially-prepared meal to be served before the other passengers? Vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal meals can taste better than the standard fare as they are prepared with special considerations. Additionally, if you're flying overseas on a long-haul trip, you will be able to close your eyes while the main cabin dinner service continues.
That being said, Business Insider advises that travelers have a good jet lag strategy down. If this means sleeping on the plane, go ahead, but certainly adjust watches, phones and laptops to the new time zone as quickly as you can to mentally begin to adjust.

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