Tips for Traveling with the Whole Family

family packing

It takes a lot of planning to pull off a successful multi-generational family trip. There are varying ideas and personalities to consider when you have your whole family involved. But the payoff is a wonderful time with the entire family and memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some tips for planning a successful multi-generational trip: 

Start Planning Early

A lot of schedules, plans, and people need to come together for a successful trip. Begin planning early to allow for people to budget and plan well in advance. 

Get Everyone Involved

Make sure everyone is involved in planning the vacation in some way. When the whole family puts effort into planning, they are more invested in having a good trip. It doesn’t have to be a huge portion of the trip, even just choosing a place for dinner or a fun excursion. 

Choose Your Accommodations

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the best type of accommodations for a multi-generational trip. Some families enjoy everyone staying in one house together – while other families might find this exhausting. Discuss what is best for your family and find accommodations that fit those needs. For example, have a lot of kids on the trip? A resort or cruise with specific activities for the kids might be a good way to go.

Schedule Time Apart

Vacation may be the most time you’ve spent with some of your family in a while. Things that don’t bother you at home may get on your nerves on vacation. Prevent any negative attitudes by working alone time into the schedule - a time for everyone to decompress and recoup before getting back together.

Be Clear on Finances

When planning a trip with multiple family members be sure to consider everyone’s budget. It’s best to be clear up front on who will pay for what so there are no surprises on the trip. 

Wherever your travels may take you, a great trip requires planning, reliable information (like Travel Guard Travel News articles) and a little bit of luck. And seasoned travelers know that when you travel, no matter how much you plan, sometimes things happen. When you run into unexpected issues, Travel Guard travel protection plans are here for you. If you're new to travel insurance, we have several pages that can help you compare plans and provide examples of why you should buy travel insurance for your upcoming trip.