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  • De-Stressing Holiday Travel

    Ready to embrace imperfection?

    That’s the best way to survive—and maybe even enjoy—getting together with the relatives this holiday season.

    Sure you’ve had to drag the kids through crowded airports, paying through the nose for the privileges.

    Just keep smiling and remind yourself these gatherings help us and, more important, our kids feel connected when we live so far apart. Read More >  

  • How to get to the heart of a city in 5 simple steps

    Arriving to a new destination is the easy part; getting to the heart of that place is the real challenge for any cultural traveler. From doing your research to shopping at the outdoor markets, here are five travel tips to implement on your next trip. No matter where you go or what you seek, remember to keep your eyes and ears open and don’t underestimate the power of getting lost. Sometimes, the best treasures are found during an afternoon wander. Read More >  

  • Five Essential International Family Travel Tips

    There’s no reason to fear traveling abroad with children, even with babies and toddlers in tow. Thoughtful planning is the key to success and the plethora of online family travel information makes researching a family vacation abroad easier than ever. Read More >  

  • Visiting the Caribbean During Hurricane Season

    Hurricanes get a lot of attention from meteorologists, and while you don’t want to be in the way when a Category 5 storm with 130-mph winds comes a-calling, hurricane season shouldn’t deter you from making travel plans to the Caribbean during the summer and fall. This time period brings lower rates and fewer crowds, making it a particularly attractive time to head to the islands. Read More >  

  • When Taking the Path Less Traveled

    If flocks of tourists heading in the same direction, for the same experience, at the same time don’t do it for you, then you may be one of those “off the beaten path’” travelers. This is a traveler that turns left when everyone else is turning right, and ventures into areas less known. Read More >  

  • 6 Tips For a Better Spring Break

    Ah. Spring Break. It’s that magical week in the middle of second semester for students, or the mid-point between winter holidays and summer vacation for adults. It’s a week just meant for travel.

    These six tips will help you be safe, spend less and have more fun during your precious week on vacation. Read More >  

  • Traveling For Festivals

    Travelers heading to a new destination are often surprised and delighted when they encounter a festival. Anything that allows a visitor to easily rub shoulders with locals, especially in foreign countries, is exciting and memorable. Festivals offer that opportunity. So why not plan your travel to coincide with a festival instead of relying on the luck of timing? Read More >  

  • Plan a Cruise in 2014

    This year looks like another good one for the cruise industry, with over 20 million travelers expected to fill hundreds of ships. With all the diversity in ship sizes, fares, and destinations, there’s bound to be a cruise to suit almost everyone. Here are some ideas for planning a 2014 cruise vacation. Read More >  

  • What to Pack for Holiday Travel with the Family

    Whether you’re a new parent embarking on your first trip to Grandma’s house for the holidays, or a seasoned veteran hauling a pile of teens to the slopes, I’ve got some great packing tips that will take some of the stress out of travel. Read More >  

  • Stress-Free Holiday Travel Starts At The Airport

    During the holidays, fog, snow, extreme weather, long lines at security checkpoints and other challenges may conspire to leave you stuck at the airport longer than you planned – or ever imagined.

    No need to let a delay ruin your trip. Here are some tips to help time fly by. Read More >  

  • Romantic Vacation Tips

    Romantic Vacation Tips

    Planning a romantic getaway, destination wedding or honeymoon can be easy with proper planning. Yes, being swept away in the moment is the ultimate goal and that will happen, but the best hearts and flowers experiences are those that come with just a tiny bit of finesse and preparation. These six tips will have you on your way to a blissful escape without worry. Read More >  

  • Top 5 Tips for Safeguarding Your Travel Investment

    We all work hard for our money, and with all of the other day-to-day expenses most families have, it seems that vacation funds are especially dear. If you’ve been saving for some time in order to head out on your ultimate dream vacation, here are some tips for making sure your travel investment pays you the biggest memory dividend possible. Read More >  

  • 5 Ways to Get Off the Beaten Path While Traveling

    Let's face it, there's only so much you can experience of a destination's culture, sights and people while surrounded by hordes of other tourists from around the world. Sure, you're all there to experience certain "must-see" attractions, but I guarantee -- and this comes from personal experience -- the memories you will most cherish upon returning home are going to come from those times you ventured off the beaten path during your travels.Read More >  

  • The Boomer Generation: New Opportunities to Travel

    If you're part of the “Boomer Generation” you're likely feeling sought after by many in the travel industry. In fact, many organizations spend a considerable amount of time and money developing tours and itineraries they hope will be of interest to you. Read More >  

  • Successful Summer Vacation Planning

    If you have children, chances are you are trying to plan a summer vacation that is engaging and fun for the entire family. Here are three family vacation suggestions that work for kids of all ages, followed by top tips for planning a successful summer vacation. Read More >  

  • How You Can Become A Green Traveler

    10 Tips For More Eco-Friendly Travel

    Responsible, sustainable travel is built on a fairly simple principle: Try to leave every place you visit a little bit better than it was when you got there. But aside from the old adage, “take only pictures, leave only footprints,” what steps can you take to have a positive impact? Here are a few of our favorite tips: Read More >  

  • Tips for the Solo Traveler

    At the age of 29 I left my career and traveled around the world solo for two years. When I planned the trip, I assumed I would be alone, that it would be lots of hard work, and that at times I would be lonely. I was wrong on all counts. What I found was that traveling solo is very rewarding. There is a treasury of companionship out there, and just because you start alone doesn't mean you'll stay alone. Read More >  

  • Travel Planning Budget Tips

    Planning a trip around the world can be both an exhilarating and nerve racking experience. Where do you start? What do you do? It’s a subject that can take up a whole book! When people ask me what the one best thing they can do is, I tell them it all comes down to creating a budget.Read More >  

  • How to Plan a Fantastic Ski Vacation

    There's no foolproof method for planning a perfect ski vacation to a friendly resort smothered in fresh snow, but, if you take a bit of time to consider weather patterns, the time of year you're traveling, the atmosphere and location of the area you're visiting, and can make it work within your budget, then there's a pretty good chance that you're going to have a great trip! Read More >  

  • Wave Season

    It’s January and that means “wave season” is here, the time of year when a great number of travelers book a cruise vacation. Between now and the end of March, up to half of the year’s cruises will be booked, and for good reason. Some of the very best pricing, bonus offers and special values are available and cruise lines are hungry for our business. Read More > 

  • Taking The Kids

    The weather…the crowds…the cost! No one said holiday travel is easy—or a bargain. But it certainly can be fun—and well worth the expense, whether you are aiming to share the holidays with family, have some fun in the snow with the kids or gather the gang on a cruise ship. Read More > 

  • Tips for Planning Multigenerational Vacations

    With the U.S. population becoming more mobile than ever and many children moving far from home after leaving the nest, distance has separated many families. Although I’m fortunate to have two daughters and two grandchildren who live nearby, I’m no stranger to separation with one daughter in Boston and another in Oregon with my remaining three grandchildren. Read More >  

  • 5 Sensible Tips to Stay Adventurous

    When we take vacations we smile. We laugh. We have fun. We enjoy our time away from daily routines. Travel also includes activities a bit outside our comfort zone. We tend to be more adventurous on holiday. Even on the plane ride home we vow to make changes to our routine; we vow to live differently. And although we have the best of intentions, before long we fall back into our old patterns, into our old routines. Adventure is left for the next vacation. Read More >  

  • 6 Tips for Traveling to Emerging Destinations

    As adventure travelers search for destinations more off the beaten track and under the radar, some countries traditionally perceived as less safe for travelers are becoming more and more appealing. These emerging travel destinations are often just out of political unrest and usually the neighbor of a much more tourist-friendly country. They also offer bragging rights for adventure travelers, who rank destinations like Laos, Lebanon and Nicaragua high on their bucket list. Read More >  

  • 7 Great Tips for a Smooth Vacation

    You’ve been planning this summer trip for months to celebrate your daughter’s high school graduation…your 50th anniversary…your birthday. This trip is a big investment. Airfares are at an all time high and you’ve not only paid for flights, but for the vacation house, the cruise or the adventure trip. Increasingly, we have to pay up front for travel. Read More >  

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