Five cities in Italy you don't want to miss

A trip through Italy is usually high on the list of most travel bugs, as the scenic nation boasts delicious food, rich culture and magnificent landscapes. Home to 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Italy is among the top five most visited countries in the world, according to World Atlas.
The capital city, Rome, is known across the world, while the canals of Venice are equally famous. There are plenty of other spots on the map that are worthy of exploration, however. Check out these five great Italian cities to visit:

Situated along the shores of the Mediterranean, Naples is a fantastic place to unwind and take in some of Italy's most iconic institutions. Pompeii, the site of one of history's most famous volcanic explosions, is just a short trip away. Naples has dozens of churches, cathedrals and other buildings that sport timeless architecture. This city is also a great hub for delicious cuisine. In fact, it's often said that the margherita pizza was invented here.

Situated in the northern corner of Italy near the French border is Genoa. This port city has an inviting marina area, with the particularly excellent Proloco Maris Boccadasse area. This old sailor town is a wonderful place to stretch your legs or grab some delicious seafood. Elsewhere in the city, you might want to investigate the Musei di Strada Nuova or the Royal Palace.

While much of Italy is a balmy paradise, Milan sits along the slopes of the Italian Alps and has a much more temperate climate. That doesn't mean this city is any less enjoyable, however. Milan is one of the premier fashion capitals in the world, making it a very stylish city to visit. Here you may find many boutiques and shops to try the latest clothing or shoes. Via Monte Nopleone, for example, is full of chic shopping opportunities. Milan is known for its exquisite art - Leonardo di Vinci first started his career in Milan.

The Encyclopedia Britannica reported that Pisa is renowned for its architecture. Beyond the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, there are dozens of churches, temples, palaces and other buildings to explore. From the Romans to the Florentines, Pisa displays a number of influences and styles. The birthplace of Galileo Galilei, the famous University of Pisa is exceptionally beautiful.
Situated in the heart of Tuscany, Pisa is also an excellent city for relaxation and luxury. Enjoy some of the finest beaches in the world amid breath-taking seaside hills and coves.

Off the southern coast of the Italian mainland lies Sicily, an island with its unique take on Italian culture and cuisine. The capital city of Palermo is one of the most exquisite places to visit in the world. Crystal blue waters house traditional fishing boats and expensive yachts alike. Further inland, you can stroll old marketplaces and churches, or seek out modern restaurants and fine shopping. Like the other cities in Italy, Palermo is both conservative and timeless, yet striking and decadent. Italy is full of cities that are ripe with adventure. Ahead of your trip to "the beautiful country," be sure to include plenty of opportunities to check out as many spots on the map as possible.

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