Hawaii is the perfect family reunion setting

people relaxing on a hawaiian beach

Many families opt to stage their family reunions in a bit of a grander locale than someone's home or a local park. For those considering a family reunion overseas, Hawaii makes the idealsetting for a family reunion.

Readers of the luxury travel website Virtuoso recently named Hawaii as the "perfect family destination." But what might hold many families back from booking Hawaii for their family reunion is the cost. Fortunately, there are many affordable ways to book a Hawaii vacation.

Alaskan Airlines, for example, recently unveiled their "Hawaii now" fares, which start below $150. There are a slew of cities on the west coast that are offering the deal for an easy getaway, such as Portland, Seattle, San Jose and San Diego.

Travelers can also book an all-inclusive resort rather than separate hotel rooms for everybody. Many of these places have group rates that cater to large families.

Another option is to take a cruise to Hawaii, or around the Hawaiian islands. This way, the entire family is in one place, all the meals are taken care of and members young and old have access to a wide range of activities.

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