Games to Entertain the Entire Family

kids on ipads in the backseat of a car

Most parents would agree that traveling with children can be stressful. Finding ways to keep them occupied, whether you’re getting ready for a long or short commute, can feel impossible without proper planning. If you’re getting ready to go on vacation with the whole family, but you’re looking for ways to keep everyone entertained, we’ve got you covered.

The Alphabet Game

This game is a creative take on “I Spy.” You and your family members start with the letter “A” and each person finds something on the road that starts with the letter. For example, you might spy an automobile for “A” and a bunny for “B.” This is a great way to keep the kids engaged while driving long distances.

The License Plate Game

Another great option for road-tripping families, the License Plate Game is as simple as it sounds: see how many different state license plates you see while en route to your destination. This is a great option for competition — encourage your family to keep their findings to themselves and write them down instead of blurting them out. Once you reach your destination, the person with the most diverse list of license plates wins!

20 Questions

Kids are very inquisitive — curious about anything and everything, so why not make a game of it? The object of the game is to think of a person, place or thing. Your family members take turns asking you yes or no questions in hopes of getting clues that will point them to the answer. If they don’t get it by question 20, you get a point.

Don’t Say It

Looking for a fun game that will keep the whole family on their toes? “Don’t Say It” is a great option. To start, brainstorm with the family three words that you all use regularly. The point of the game is to refrain from saying those words for the rest of the trip. If someone accidentally slips and says one of the forbidden words, they get a point. At the end of the trip, whoever has the least number of points wins the game!


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