Check out the 4 coolest hotel pools in the world

The 300 foot pool at The Viceroy in Miami Florida

When searching for a hotel, a pool is often on a traveler's checklist, especially for family travel. A pool that's located on or near a beach is usually considered top notch as travelers find a resort for a successful vacation.

However, only experienced travelers know that these pools are sub par when compared to the best of the best. Check out these resorts that offer guests pools that are more like heavenly oases than your average hotel amenity.

1. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The majority of the time, travelers prefer a pool, but never choose a hotel because of it. However, after you catch a glimpse of the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore, this is likely to change. The hotel's infinity pool can be found high on top of the building's roof, which stretches high enough to offer panoramas of the neon city skyline in the distance.

The pool area is actually a part of the Sands SkyPark, which accommodates the public and is so large that it reaches across the hotel's three high rises, according to Forbes. The park is recognized by many travelers as the iconic boat-shaped structure lifted into the air by three of the city's tallest towers and is one of the destination's most popular attractions. Don't worry about it getting too crowded, however, as the pool is almost 500 feet long, easily catering to hundreds of swimmers at a time.

2. The Standard, Los Angeles

André Balazs's Standard hotel features a pool that's more about the features surrounding it than the beauty or uniqueness of the amenity itself. Depending on when you decide to take a dip, you will find different extras waiting to meet your preference. If you stop by during the day, for example, travelers will come across the pool's roof temporarily replaced with stunning vistas of the surrounding city.

If you're more adventurous, Conde Nast Traveler recommended that you go for a swim after sunset, where the deck is flooded with hotel guests dancing the night away to the tunes of a DJ. Want to sit back and observe the night unfold? Some nights you can relax and take in one of the movies that plays on a pull down screen at one end of the pool or kick back in one of the waterbeds that comfortably holds up to ten of your travel companions.

3. Traders Hotel, Malaysia

The SkyBar at the Traders Hotel is home to one of The Travel Channel's favorite hotel pools. For some, however, this indoor oasis may be more difficult than pleasant to be around, as it isn't meant for swimming. The long, rectangular pool stretches from one end of the SkyBar to the other, running side by side tables and sofas occupied by guests sipping their cocktails.

One can only imagine how entrancing it would be to float around in the forbidden oasis, as the glass roof above reveals the Petronas towers and the city's skyline. According to the online travel source, if you're set on going for a swim during your stay, all you have to do is climb to the resort's roof where you will find a second pool and a world-class spa.

4. The Viceroy, Miami

The Viceroy is home to an infinity pool and hot tub where visitors are treated to views of Miami's Biscayne Bay. Over the years, the hotel has become an increasingly popular tourist destination - most likely as a result of these unique features. In fact, CNN noted that the 300-foot infinity pool is Florida's largest and the 80-person spa comes in as the world's biggest spa.

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