• Summer essentials for every beach beauty


    Everyone's got their must-haves: 45 SPF sunscreen, piles of magazines, a fedora, waterproof radio and their favorite sunglasses. Packing the right beach bag essentials is a staple among those who love to soak up the sun's rays, and if you're planning the ultimate spring holiday to a sizzling locale in upcoming months, you're going to want to have your list of necessities down pat. Here's a breakdown of the things that you might want to find room for in your favorite durable tote bag:

    That's a wrap
    Long, short, sheer or fringed - sarongs and wraps come in all sizes and styles. These days, everyone's got something chic to cover up in, from Beyoncé to Katie Holmes, and the trick is to finding the right one for your beach personality. Are you the kind of sand dweller who could lie on the beach for hours without interruption? A sheer, soft wrap that hits just above your knees when you wrap it around your waist could be perfect, so if you need to swing over to the beach side bar, you have the perfect cover-up for walking across the sand. It can also double-function as a head wrap, so if your hair's getting out of control, just tie it around like a bandana and you have yourself a funky head accessory.

    Protect your pout
    When you apply sunscreen, one place that you might often forget to treat is your mouth. It might feel strange to lather your lips with sunscreen, but this can be one of the most painful places to get a sunburn - or worse.

    "Remember your lips," dermatologist Kavita Mariwalla told Teen Vogue. "Skin cancers and pre-cancers occur frequently in this region because it's a spot people often forget."

    Typically, a lip balm with SPF can do the trick, such as ChapStick LipShield, Conde Nast Traveler suggests.

    Perfect the tousled look
    Baywatch might have trademarked the slow-motion emergence from the ocean, but you can still feel like a lifeguard beauty even if you've never donned that classic red bathing suit. All it takes is a little bit of confidence and hair product. Once you've taken a dip in the water, spritz some special spray in your hair, like Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray or Kinky Curly's Spiral Spritz, and watch your frizzy 'fro turn into a tamed mane of soft waves, which The Glossarie blogger Lara Ramos can attest to from her own experiences. 

    "My biggest beach side beauty woes are curls that take on a life of their own and sunburned lips," Ramos told the news source. "I keep a bottle of Kinky Curly's Spiral Spritz on hand to tame frizz and give some soft shape to my unruly waves."

    Shoes to slip on and off
    Sure, we all love finding those bejeweled gladiator sandals that can add some pizzazz to any outfit, but when you're on the beach, what you really need are durable, water- and sand-proof sandals. You don't even have to spend hundreds of dollars on these shoes, but they're essential to throw in your tote bag before hitting the beach.

    When it comes to quality, comfort and looks, only a few brands come out on top year after year, and a few include Reef and Havaiana sandals. Both come in male and female styles that are made in materials like rubber, which means you can essentially swim in these and not worry about their lifespan. If you want a fun party trick, you might want to snag a pair of Reef flip-flops, as a bunch of these summer sandals come equipped with a bottle-opener on the bottom of the shoe.

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