• Change the way you pack with these 6 hacks


    Warm temperatures are sweeping across the nation, which means many of us have one thing on our minds: summer vacation. It's time to choose a destination, book your flight and prepare for a memory-making trip. But before you think about setting out, you need to make sure your bag is packed. For some, this is the worst part of going on a vacation, because you either put it off to the last minute or you tend to over-pack a bag that ends up being a disorganized mess. If you're one of these folks, however, have no fear! We've put together a list of hacks that'll completely change the way you pack - maybe you'll even be convinced to take care of the task in advance.

    Consider the following packing tricks for your next vacation:

    1. Pack bubble wrap
    How does bringing along bubble wrap make sense when you're trying not to over pack? Nikki Ekstein, associate editor of Travel+Leisure, has the explanation.

    "It sounds silly, but I always pack bubble wrap," she told T+L. "It saves space in my suitcase for the things I'll undoubtedly buy on my trip—and then I also have a good way to wrap them up and keep them safe in my luggage."

    Creating space for the souvenirs and preemptively keeping them safe? Don't forget about this ingenious hack.

    2. Store your jewelry properly
    If you plan on dressing up for a night out on the town during the vacation, you'll likely be packing some jewelry for the trip. To keep your necklaces from getting tangled up in your suitcase, Cosmopolitan suggested setting your jewelry between two sheets of plastic wrap. Additionally, you can place rings, earrings and other small pieces of jewelry in pill cases to keep them from scattering throughout your bag.

    Change the way you pack with these 6 hacks
    Roll your clothes to maximize space.

    3. Don't fold your clothes - roll them
    It's easy to fold up your clothes and pack them in your suitcase just as you would place them in your dresser or on a shelf in your closet, but it'll take up too much room in your bag. Consider rolling your shirts, shorts, dresses and pants instead of folding them. Not only does this help you maximize the space in your luggage, but it can also reduce the wrinkles in your clothes by eliminating the crease from the fold.

    4. Conceal your shoes - and make use of them
    Many of us tend to pack our shoes after we've fit all of our clothes into the suitcase, but that could just lead to a dirty mess all over your wardrobe. To keep the soles of your shoes from making an imprint on your clothes, wrap each pair up in a shower cap. This keeps your shoes together and eliminates the chance of re-washing your clothes once you've checked into your hotel.

    Additionally - as long as your shoes aren't giving off a foul odor - consider using them as storage space! You can place your socks and other small products like lotions and other trinkets that you simply don't have the space for elsewhere.

    5. Waterproof your suitcase
    While the TSA and airline crew do their best to take care of your luggage in transit, there's no telling when something could go wrong that's out of their control. To keep your belongings from getting ruined by a potential disaster, T+L assistant digital editor Melanie Lieberman suggested waterproofing your bag.

    "Waterproof your suitcase to avoid ruining your clothes."

    "My favorite tip is to waterproof my bag using what I'm already bringing with me," she said. "I line my suitcase with water-resistant things: wellies on the bottom, for example, zip-locked toiletries and makeup bag on the sides, and a rain jacket on top. Voila: instant weather-tight luggage."

    The last thing you want to do when you finally make it to your destination is figure out how you're going to save all of your belongings.

    6. Consider a new suitcase
    Maybe that vintage luggage your mom passed down to you simply isn't cutting it anymore. If you're looking for more space, style and functionality, senior editor of T+L Stephanie Wu may have the solution:

    "I'm a big fan of the clamshell suitcase, especially when I'm going on a trip that involves more than one destination," she said. "If I'm visiting both a beach and a city, I'll keep what I need for each on different sides of the suitcase, so I only need to unpack (and repack) one side at a time. Plus, when I'm carrying the suitcase on the plane, sometimes I'll slide my laptop between the two halves if I don't need it during the flight—between the hard shell and layers of clothing, it's pretty much protected from any type of destruction."

    Consider these tips before your next trip to keep packing stress to a minimum.

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