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3 new travel gadgets make for the ultimate hiking trip


When embarking on a hiking trip, preparation can be the difference between a fun traipse through the country-side, and a harrowing slog through the wilderness. Fortunately for modern hikers, the next generation of travel gadgets is designed to make every outdoor excursion comfortable and safe.

First up is Trackstick II, a personal GPS uplink that automatically updates users on their locations and provides real-time map updates through a collection of 24 satellites across the globe. Trackstick can record one's exact route, stop times, speed and direction making it the perfect device for those hikers who like to explore unfamiliar environments, or those who get lost easily.

If clean water is a concern on a hiking trip, then the SteriPEN is just the tool for the job. The 4-ounce wand is capable of removing microbacteria from 16 ounces of water in 48 seconds and comes with an optional solar adapter to allow nearly continuous usage.

Cooking food can also be a hassle when on the trail, so enterprising trekkers may want to invest in the Grilliput, a 20 ounce, collapsible grill that takes up as much space as a thick round ruler, according to