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    June 2014

    Welcome to AIG Travel’s June edition of the TRAVEL GUARD® UPDATE, a monthly review designed to provide you with up-to-date information on the latest travel trends. With summer travel season quickly approaching, we’ll share some feedback from consumers polled about trends for the 2014 hurricane season and learn how travel insurance helped one couple when their trip to Costa Rica didn’t go quite as expected.

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    Every month, AIG Travel conducts an informal poll of its customers or agents on various travel-related topics. The results of this month’s poll show:

    No Fear: Of those polled, 92% are either planning a trip during the current hurricane season or have traveled during this timeframe (June 1 – November 30) in the past.

    In the Hurricane Belt: Of the many destinations prone to hurricanes, travelers polled were most likely to head to the Caribbean directly (29%) or on a cruise (26%), followed by destinations along the Eastern Seaboard (24%). They were much less likely to plan travel to Mexico (10%) or the Gulf Coast (8%).

    Perks of Off-Season Travel: Instead of waiting for hurricane season to conclude, travelers polled responded that they choose to plan trips in this time frame because it’s a convenient travel period due to summer break and vacation time (37%), to take advantage of less expensive hotels and airfare in certain destinations (14%), because the destination will be less crowded (9%), so they can explore activities at coastal and beach destinations (6%) or simply to be immersed in new scenery (4%). A large percentage (31%) responded that they have other specific reasons for traveling during this time of year including celebrations like family reunions, weddings, honeymoons, birthdays and more.

    Concerns in Paradise: Those traveling during hurricane season are taking potential issues into consideration before booking their trips. Top concerns reported include possible flight delays or cancellations (32%), mandatory evacuation from accommodations due to dangerous weather conditions (30%), the need to re-route a cruise ship to a different destination (15%), damage to the hotel or resort due to dangerous weather prior to their departure (5%) and popular attractions being closed due to poor weather (4%).

    Traveling Together: With much of hurricane season falling during the summer months when school is out, it’s no surprise the majority of those polled (55%) planned to travel with family during the hurricane season, followed by just their significant other (20%) and friends (14%). Just 7% of those polled were planning solo travel.

    Planning for the What-Ifs: Of those polled, 82% have purchased or are planning to purchase travel insurance for their hurricane season travel this year.


    When it comes to planning a trip during hurricane season, travelers should be prepared in case adverse weather causes unforeseen delays, cancellations or other complications. Whether you miss a connection because of flight cancellations, are unable to catch your flight because of airport closures or if the resort where you plan to stay is damaged due to a storm and can not accommodate you, travel insurance may help recover losses and provide valuable assistance services. Plans may also include emergency medical coverage, cancel for any reason coverage, 24/7 emergency travel and health assistance services and more. Your travel insurance provider can even assist with coordinating alternate travel arrangements if needed.

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    Dennis M. and his wife are avid photographers who planned a ten-day photo tour of Costa Rica that was jam packed with activities. Though the couple was worried that adverse weather could prevent their departing flight from leaving on time, their airline assured Dennis that no weather related delays were expected.

    The couple arrived at the airport well before the flight, but, upon boarding, the captain announced there was a mechanical problem that would be fixed within minutes. After nearly two hours of waiting on the runway, Dennis and his wife were asked to deplane because they had already missed their connecting flight. This meant they were also going to miss their first night of vacation, along with several non-refundable activities.

    Luckily, Dennis and his wife had purchased a Travel Guard insurance policy.

    “Travel Guard stepped in once we got home and quickly and efficiently reimbursed us for the pre-paid and non-refundable portions of that first missed day of our trip,” said Dennis. “Thanks for that”

    1 Based on a Travel Guard to a random sample of customers in May 2014.

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