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Employee Empowerment

What’s right for our employees is what’s right for our clients
Career development courses, flexible schedule options, and a high standard of customer excellence earned Travel Guard the Confirmit ACE Award (Achievement in Customer Excellence) over several consecutive years.

To help cultivate our principle-based approach to doing business, every Travel Guard employee partakes in "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" training. This starts with an introduction to the 7 Habits at employee orientation. Later, employees are given the opportunity to attend The 7 Habits Signature Program. This in-depth, multiple-day training provides techniques for effectively incorporating 7 Habits into their lives. 7 Habits concepts are reinforced after training through multiple resources, ensuring our employees maintain the ability to provide the superior customer service we are known for.

For more on how Travel Guard can develop a customized travel insurance and assistance program for your customers, call: 1.800.826.4919.