• Go glamping under the stars


    While some travelers desperately want to enjoy the natural air and nuances associated with outdoor adventuring, others prefer the comfort of their own homes and personal possessions. In the past, groups of tourists with opposing viewpoints on this topic would be forced to duke it out as they determine which type of vacation to pursue. However, that has all changed with one recent traveling phenomenon: glamping.

    Luxury camping takes travelers by storm
    Combining the cool respite of nature with the luxury of 21st century accommodations, glamping allows campers to camp in style. Companies from the U.S. to the U.K. have jumped on the bandwagon, offering luxury tents for travelers to use, complete with high-tech amenities. Jonathan Knight, author of "Cool Camping," told The New York Times that glamping is about eliminating the negative associations people typically connect with camping.

    "Think of it like the hip hotels of camping," Knight said to the source. "I wanted to correct the misconception that camping is still about leaking tents."

    Depending on the camp ground, visitors may encounter different experiences. For example, those who stay at the Cornish Tipi Holidays site do not have access to Wi-Fi or electricity, but they do have solar panels that power shower stations, toilets and a wind generator. The Costanoa ground, however, features hardwood floors, heated mattress pads and an outdoor hot tub.

    Best locations to go glamping
    Glamping locations should be determined by the preferences of the travelers, but for those interested in United States travel, some of the most popular tourist sites offer opportunities for this new experience. The Coloradoan, for example, recommends that travelers consider glamping in Yellowstone National Park. While the natural beauty of the area is unsurpassed, visitors can enjoy amenities offered by glamping companies. Bob Willis described his experience with Far and Away Adventures, which organized his trip. After being directed to a tent that had carpet, an air mattress and a folding table, he was awoken by a guide.

    "At sunup, a call came to the tent, and I was greeted with a steaming hot mug of hot chocolate (not being a coffee drinker) and a fresh warm towel to wash away the sleep from my eyes," Willis wrote.

    Willis continued to explain that this particular company provided meals throughout his trip, including berry pancakes, fresh bacon and aged prime beef. Throughout the day the travelers were allowed to explore the wonders of the national attraction, and at night they were able to continue their appreciation for the site through luxurious accommodations.


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