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  • Crisis Onboard Cruise Ship

    Onboard what should have been a dream vacation with my wife, I experienced a life threatening medical situation that prompted our ship captain to change the course of the cruise ship to get me to the nearest hospital. After an initial examination at the local hospital in Mexico it was decided I should be airlifted to a hospital in Florida where I was in the ICU for several days. Once my doctors deemed me fit to travel, Travel Guard coordinated a medical escort to assist me on the flight home. Travel Guard took care of all the flight arrangements and ensured I got home safely. The people at Travel Guard are the best, I really can’t say enough about the professionalism and service I experienced.

    - Richard, CT 

  • Hazards in Hawaii

    After a medical emergency in Hawaii, Travel Guard called me in the hospital to see that everything was ok and followed up with me once I was released. It was reassuring to know that they were there right from the beginning and that there was communication between the hospital and them. I am a very healthy young woman and live an active lifestyle complete with daily exercise, good food and meditation; but, even then, you never know what is going to happen. It is important to insure yourself. Travel Guard provided me with very personalized service; versus some of the companies I have purchased a plan with in the past.

    - Mora

  • Travel Guard is the Most Important Aspect of my Trip

    I have worked and traveled all over the world for over 30 years and now consider Travel Guard the most important aspect of my planning for any trip that I go on. First, they provide the best insurance of all the companies that are in the market place. Second, their coverage is comprehensive and provides detail of every aspect. You know exactly what you are signing up for. Lastly, they provide great personal service and follow-up with any questions or claims that you may have.

    - Don

  • Alone in India

    I had a great experience with Travel Guard. It was my first time out of the United States and being sick and alone was not a good feeling. Travel Guard assisted me so quickly and it really felt like they did everything they could for me! Once I found out I could find a flight home, I think I started crying on the phone because I was so happy that someone could help me. I am so glad that I decided to purchase the insurance plan and always will advise anyone to purchase a travel insurance plan from Travel Guard on their next trip.

    - Ashley, IA  

  • Ski Emergency in the Mountains

    It was unfortunate that my trip was ruined at the very beginning and that I was in an unfamiliar place. Luckily, when I had no idea how to get back home after the accident, Travel Guard took over and did everything for me. They worked with the airlines and with the hospital. I simply had to complete some paperwork and fax it in. I will never go anywhere without Travel Guard. It's a comforting feeling to know they have my back.

    - Derrick, NY

  • An Eye-Opening Experience

    My husband and I were on a cruise in Alaska. Suddenly, awhile into our trip, my retina detached from my eye. The ship’s doctor called Travel Guard who made all my arrangements to get me the care I needed. A great Travel Guard representative kept in touch with me and made sure that we saw the physicians that could help me and saw to it that we made all of our connections to get home. We were driven to each airport, met, and driven home, to our front door. The Retinologist in Seattle even called my Retinologist in Florida. Travel Guard reimbursed us for our interrupted trip and other covered expenses that we incurred. We are cruising again with Travel Guard.

    Virginia, FL

  • Medical Emergency in Paris

    During a 10-day trip to Paris my husband had to go to the hospital where he spent 7 days in the ICU. While we were still in Paris Travel Guard was wonderfully helpful. They spoke to the doctors, arranged to cancel the airline tickets we could not use, took care of the new reservations and gave me comfort and support that was so reassuring. When it came time to return home, Travel Guard, with the doctor's consultation, confirmed that my husband should have stand-by oxygen so they sent a nurse who flew from Miami and accompanied us to the door of our home in the U.S. She and my husband flew business class, and we were met by cars and drivers along the way to get us safely home.

    I never saw a bill for these services. The kindness and support of everyone I had contact with at Travel Guard was amazing. I paid the hospital bill with my credit card, but Travel Guard promptly repaid us for all our covered medical expenditures after we submitted receipts. Having a medical emergency away from home is a frightening experience, but Travel Guard provided us with more support than I ever would have expected. I can not recommend this company more strongly.

    -Diane and Robert, TN

  • Thankful for Quick Claims Process

    I want to thank you for the timely handling of a claim I had to make due to cancellation of a trip. I was forced to cancel the trip due to a medical emergency that made it impossible for me to participate in a cruise that included an Atlantic crossing. I have always insured my travels through your company, and now I can honestly recommend you to all of my traveling friends with the confidence of one who has had to actually put forward a claim. Again, I thank you for your assistance and especially for the timely manner in which you processed my claim.

    -Elizabeth, GA
  • Stranded in Cairo

    It was 11 p.m. and I was supposed to be flying out of Cairo at 1 a.m. going to Frankfurt on the way back to the US from a great trip. Everything had been going great until this moment. When I got to the airport, the lobby was open and I was able to check in but the security lines were closed. In broken English and hand signals the security guard told me to wait in the lobby until it was closer to my flight time for the security line to open. 11:30 p.m. came by and still no signs of security opening. I waited. 12 a.m. came by and still signs of nothing. I asked again and I got the same answer and hand signals. 12:30 a.m. and I am starting to get very worried. I asked again about when they thought I could get through security because my flight was scheduled to leave at 1 a.m. The security guard left to talk to someone else and returned to tell me that my flight was cancelled. I had no idea what to do. I tried asking why it was cancelled and who I could talk to, but his English was limited and my Arabic was limited to “hello”, “let's go”, and “I love you” so that got me nowhere except stranded without much information.

    I sat down thinking that I was going to be stranded there until the service desks were open when I remembered Travel Guard. I called them and got through to a representative, let her know my situation and she handled everything. She called the airlines, found out what happened, got me on another flight at 4 a.m. and everything was settled within 20 minutes. She called me back gave me all the new information and I was set to go! I am so glad I got Travel Guard and am using Travel Guard again for a trip to the Philippines.

    -Racquel, TX

  • I had to get home as quickly as possible.

    While on vacation I received word that my mother-in law passed away. I was distraught and had to get back home as quickly as possible. I called Travel Guard to inform them of what had happened. I was told that they would handle everything and get me home as quickly as possible. The representative was absolutely wonderful and caring. She worked with me for quite some time to get me the best fare and time possible. I would also like to comment on how quickly and efficient Travel Guard is. I was told I would receive a check no later than a month after the paper work was sent. I did receive the amount promised and within the month. Thank you, I will always use your company when traveling.

    Happy Customer, NY

  • We sensed a threat of late season snow in May

    We purchased a Travel Guard policy a week before our trip because we sensed a threat of a late season snow storm in May. Who would think that a blizzard would actually occur May 1 in the central US?! Needless to say, your agent was patient and helpful, answering my questions and make-believe scenarios of what could go wrong and if the policy would cover us. Sure enough, a blizzard hit the Midwest on May 1!

    But, to our surprise, our plane on its way to our origination airport had a mechanical failure and a significant delay that prevented us from making our connection, and with the backlog of cancelled flights and passengers from the weather, they were unable to re-accommodate us to our destination for 3 days. So the trip was a total loss! Travel Guard was there and helped ensure that our claim was properly filed and complete. Three weeks later, a check arrived in the mail for the entire amount of our trip! We have already called several family and friends and said that a Travel Guard policy is a must for any trip. Thank you for being there to help cover our losses!

    Chad and Molly, WI

  • One Day on Kilimanjaro

    Weather had been rough as we climbed Kilimanjaro, but it came to a head when snow at Volcano Camp broke the dining tent where the porters slept. The outfitter was unprepared for the '20 year snowstorm'. The porters, lacking sunglasses or tent, quit. We were evacuated off the mountain on day 6 of a 9 day itinerary. Our outfitter graciously arranged for an unplanned safari trip to fill the unexpected three days--charging us only his cost. When we returned home, I filed a claim for the extra cost for those three days of unexpected safari. The Travel Guard representative asked "don't you want to file for the three days of the trek that you missed?" We did and they refunded part of the cost of the Kilimanjaro climb in addition to the unplanned safari expenses. We've stuck with Travel Guard since and they've come through when we needed them more than once.

    -Thomas, CA

  • A Test in Thailand

    I was traveling by myself to Bangkok, Thailand from Johnson City, TN. Our daughter was going to have our second granddaughter there so I was going to visit her and help with our 2-year -old granddaughter and help when the new baby arrived.

    While I was there I accidentally fell and I had some concerns about my shoulder. So I decided to visit a doctor to have it checked out. I contacted Travel Guard to see what procedures I should follow. During that call as well other calls the person I was talking to was very friendly and helpful. It can be somewhat stressful to have to deal with unexpected situations while in a foreign country. It was nice to have someone to contact to help guide me through the process. I was especially pleased that there was a follow-up call to check on how I was doing.

    The representatives that I dealt with at Travel Guard were very helpful and professional and I would definitely recommend your services to family and friends.

    -Gerry, TN

  • Costa Rica Catastrophe

    My wife and I had planned a ten-day trip to Costa Rica over the New Year. We are avid photographers and had a very detailed itinerary starting within an hour of our arrival. We had booked a trip through an in-country organization which we always prefer to someone who books trips from elsewhere. Our flight was scheduled to leave on a Thursday and we were traveling from Boston to San Juan with a 90-minute stopover in Charlotte. The weather had been very bad that week and I called the airlines shortly before our morning flight was to leave to insure that flights were leaving as scheduled. I was assured that there were no weather-related delays expected.

    We arrived at the airport well before the flight, and we waited until boarding started. We boarded the flight and the engines started - I looked at my wife with a sense of relief. Just then, there was an announcement that there was a "mechanical problem" - nothing to do with the weather. We were assured it would be fixed within "minutes," but after 30 minutes there had been no update. We waited another 60 minutes, at which point the captain said they were going to "reboot" the plane - that took about 2 minutes and he announced we were ready to go. But just at that moment, an announcement came that the following passengers were to get off the plane! And of course, that included us. The problem was, we had already missed the flight in Charlotte, even before leaving the ground, and the airline didn't want to have to put us up in Charlotte for the night.

    As we were leaving the plane, I called the airlines on my cell and made reservations for the next day on the fight out of Charlotte and also got us on a flight to Charlotte for later that same day. We got down to Charlotte that night - had a great stay at an airport hotel, and we were off the next day for San Jose. Of course, by that time we had missed our first night in Costa Rica and all the activities for that first day, none of which could be refunded. So Travel Guard stepped in once we got home and quickly and efficiently reimbursed us for the pre-paid and non-refundable portions of that first missed day of our trip. Thanks for that.


  • What an Amazing Service!

    What AMAZING service. I ordered my policy quickly and efficiently with excellent customer service. I also used the web to modify my existing policy. Again, efficient and excellent customer service. Hard to come by these days. I THANK YOU!


  • Travel Guard is the best

    "I recently took a downhill mountain bike trip to Whistler, Canada. I decided to get a travel insurance plan just in case I had an accident. Of course, I did [have an accident] - cracked ribs, fractured collarbone and a broken bike. But, Travel Guard was awesome. I submitted all my paperwork and a couple weeks later I got a check in the mail. It's very nice that you can get coverage for "extreme" sports through Travel Guard. [A travel insurance plan] helps make me feel safer while traveling on ski/mountain bike adventures. Thanks again and Go Packers!"

    - MaryBeth, CO

  • I would never consider traveling again without travel insurance.

    I was in South Africa on safari. On the first evening of the safari I fell while out in the bush. I broke my ankle in two places and required surgery. Upon my release from the hospital I contacted Travel Guard. They immediately assigned a claim number and started working on revised travel plans to get me home. Due to my injury, I was required to keep my leg elevated at all times. Travel Guard arranged for my husband and I to travel home in business class so this was possible. Upon my return home I submitted all medical bills to their claims department. All covered expenses were paid within 30 days. I would never consider travelling again without travel insurance. Thank you Travel Guard!

    - Rebecca, TX

  • I would highly recommend them to everyone!

    My wife and I were enjoying a vacation to Barbados when she became ill. After a couple of trips to the clinic in Barbados we decided to cut our trip short. Travel Guard took care of everything they said they would in a very timely manner. I have used Travel Guard many times and I would highly recommend them to everyone!

    -Gary, IA

  • I wouldn't travel without them!

    Two years ago my husband and I were traveling in India. The day of our planned departure, the airline emailed that the flight to Washington DC was cancelled (it was the winter of "Snowmageddon', when Washington was closed down for days). The airline said they could only rebook us on a flight A WEEK LATER! We had to get back home much sooner than that, so I called Travel Guard from a pay phone. The people I spoke with couldn't have been nicer or more competent. I was immediately connected with an agent who worked with me to find alternate flights. He was able to get us a flight home on another airline leaving that day. The reimbursement for the new ticket was sent promptly after I submitted the documentation. This was the second time Travel Guard came to our rescue when we were abroad, and I wouldn't travel without them! I especially like talking to good old Americans on the phone--don't ever outsource them!

    -J.K., MD

  • We will always travel with Travel Guard

    We arrived at the airport in Venice, Italy early in the morning to start our flights back to Tucson, AZ. When we reached the airline desk the agent said that our ticket was booked out of Rome! I was flabbergasted because I made the same reservations as our traveling companions who were already checked in. Then I remembered that I made the reservations the same day that our airline provider had a big computer glitch.

    Yikes - and I hadn't double checked every leg of the reservation. I asked what I could do and the agent sent me to their ticket window. The clerk there tried to help but she said it had to be corrected through our airline carrier. She gave me numerous telephone numbers to try in the U.S. and in Italy. I went to the credit card phones and started trying to reach someone to assist us. I couldn't get through to our airline provider in the US, and I kept getting disconnected with the other numbers. The international operator said my credit card was used too many times in a row and that it was now locked out. Could this get any worse??

    Then I remembered Travel Guard and when I called them, I reached a live person!! I was transferred to a representative who figured out what we needed to do and she was able to connect me to an airline agent who to fixed the problem. We made our original connections! I could have hugged our Travel Guard representative right through the telephone lines!! We will always travel with Travel Guard. You are an amazing company and saved us from sleeping in the Venice Airport!

    - Candy and Doug, AZ

  • I will continue to use Travel Guard exclusively

    A week before my planned trip to Morocco, I fell off my bike and broke my elbow. Thankfully, I had purchased Travel Guard Insurance, so I called to cancel my trip. The Travel Guard representative was super. She went over all the claims instructions on the phone and also sent me the proper forms. I was told the claim would be about a month to process. Before the month was out, I had a reimbursement check for the trip and the airfare. Needless to say, I was thrilled. I have booked another trip and used Travel Guard. I am now retired, so I will be traveling more. I will continue to use Travel Guard exclusively.

    -Diana, FL

  • Passport Pass-off

    Jill and her family of Minnesota were going on a trip to Curacao. Their daughter, Lindsey, who was away at college in Denver, Colorado, was also going on the trip. The family all met up in Minneapolis to fly to the Miami airport and board a plane there which would take them to Curacao. Unfortunately, after Lindsey met up with her family, she realized she had left her passport back in Denver! How would she be able to go to Curacao with the rest of the family if she didn't have her passport?

    Fortunately, they had a travel insurance plan – and Lindsey had a helpful roommate. Lindsey's roommate brought the passport to the Denver airport where Travel Guard representatives were able to work with airline personnel to have Lindsey's passport flown to the Miami airport where the family was waiting. The passport arrived just in time so that the family could board their flight to Curacao and enjoy their vacation.

    After the ordeal, Jill contacted Travel Guard and said, "Crisis averted thanks to Travel Guard. We will never travel without you."

  • Professional, Capable and Unfailingly Polite

    Just wanted to write and say how grateful I am to Travel Guard for the incredible service I received. I was flying to a photography workshop in Florence, Italy. But, during a layover in Amsterdam, I became very ill and had to be taken to a hospital for a week.

    My luggage went on to Florence without me and your staff was able to track it down and get it returned to Mobile, AL. Every person at Travel Guard I spoke with while in the hospital and after was professional, capable and unfailingly polite. Travel Guard hired a Dutch EMT to escort me home, and I am extremely grateful for that service as he made it possible for me to avoid long customs lines and made a long flight safer and much easier given that I was very weak.

    I am grateful for the service in getting me reimbursed for the trip, workshop and the medical expenses. I was reimbursed in full. I have told everyone I know about how wonderful Travel Guard has been and even posted it on Facebook as I want my friends to be covered the way I was.

    Thank you again for everything, this experience would have been devastating if not for you. As long as I can get Travel Guard I will be confident while travelling.

    - Laura

  • Trip Cancellation Kudos

    My wife (Martha) and I were very surprised this afternoon when we received and envelope from AIG Claims. Needless to say we were shocked to receive the check in settlement of our claim so quickly and without any problems. Your company dealt with us very promptly and fairly. What more can we ask. Yes, we had to fill out a lot of paper work, but I understand that we needed to prove our bone fide claim, which I guess we did.

    Your fairness and speed, speaks very highly of your company. If I need to write to someone else, please let me know so I can give the necessary compliments to the appropriate individual (s). We will be using your company again!!!!!!! Martha has recovered almost completely and looking forward to our next trip.

    Thank you again very much and have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and holiday season.

  • A Visit Back to Berlin

    John and his wife of Illinois were planning a fifteen day river boat / coach tour from Munich, Germany to Amsterdam, and then Berlin and Potsdam. The trip was supposed to be a great way to be together and see the world plus see the area where John was stationed during the Vietnam War.

    "It was exactly fifty years since I was in the Army and stationed in Munich, Germany," said John. I had such an amazing tour that I wanted to share the sights with my wife of 48 years. During my tour, I had the opportunity to visit East Berlin while the wall was up and therefore wanted to see Berlin now that the wall was down."

    Unfortunately, right before the trip, John’s wife came down with Shingles which made her unable to travel. After much discussion, she encouraged John to take the trip anyway – especially since, after visiting the doctor, the couple contacted AIG Travel and they were assured that they could cancel his wife’s portion of the travel plans and be covered. So, with his wife’s blessing, John began his trip.

    "I flew from Chicago to Montreal and then to Munich where I met up with seventy people and boarded two coaches to tour Munich, visit the Oktoberfest and the rest of the city," said John. "Then on to Heidelberg and then Cologne, where we picked up a river boat."

    John spent the next seven days touring various ports on the Rhine River, ending up in Amsterdam. The tour then took him back to Cologne where the group caught a coach that toured them through the towns of Weimar, Erfurt, Dresden, Potsdam and then to Berlin. He was especially thrilled to see the changes that had been made to the Berlin area since the war.

    "It is amazing what has been done in twenty years, since Germany is one unified country," said John. Upon his return, John confidently filed a claim and submitted the necessary paperwork for the portion of the trip that his wife couldn’t take. Only a few short weeks later the couple had the reimbursement check in their hands.

    Because John was able to keep his travel plans, he was able to make lasting memories – even though his wife wasn’t able participate in the trip with him. "I connected with six people and we spent the entire time seeing the sights together, constantly toasting our loved ones back home and creating memories," said John. We are still communicating with one another. What an experience!"

    - John

  • Prompt Claim Payment

    My wife and I have taken 10 trips insured with Travel Guard and like any insurance one does not fully experience the service and coverage until it is needed. We always felt it was important and now we truly appreciate the professional prompt attention to our needs. Out of ten trips to Europe we had two(2) small claims for $160 and $108 due connection delays and the necessity of an overnight and the other due to flight cancelation which meant we missed one hotel day at our destination . Travel Guard (AIG) has our top rating. Thanks again.

    - Barry, Vermont

  • Trip Interrupted

    Shayna and her husband had planned a trip to Italy and Germany to celebrate ten years of being together. Shayna had dreams of visiting Italy since she was a girl, so after a year of carefully planning the trip of a lifetime, the couple was off on their overseas anniversary trip.

    "I was looking forward to everything. It was my first time out of the U.S. not counting a cruise. My husband had been out of the country a few times and loves Germany so we were headed there for the last part of our trip. I was very excited about seeing Germany, too, since we were planning on seeing the Neuschwanstein castle and I am related to the family that built it."

    Unfortunately, as soon as they I landed in Rome, Shayna felt sick.

    "I thought I had caught the flu from someone on the plane," said Shayna. "My husband called AIG Travel who helped us find a doctor near us. The doctor was waiting at the door when we arrived, and they knew almost immediately what going on – it was Appendicitis."

    AIG Travel proceeded to work on their behalf to extend their hotel stays, cancel and rebook flights and coordinate with doctors. Once the time came to fly home, Travel Guard arranged for a business class ticket for Shayna, which was covered under their plan.

    "They even followed up to make sure we made it home safe," said Shayna. "I will never again travel anywhere without a Travel Guard travel insurance plan. It was the best money I have spent."

    - Shayna, North Carolina

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