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    Travel Guard offers Insurance plans designed to cover US citizens traveling worldwide. Plans can include valuable medical expense coverage, trip interruption, emergency travel services and more.

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  • A Customer's Story:

    Costa Rica Catastrophe

    My wife and I had planned a ten-day trip to Costa Rica over the New Year. After we boarded the flight there was an announcement that there was a "mechanical problem" - nothing to do with the weather. We were assured it would be fixed within "minutes," but after 2 hours there had been no update. The problem was, we had already missed the next flight, even before leaving the ground!

    Of course, by that time we had missed our first night in Costa Rica and all the activities for that first day, none of which could be refunded. So Travel Guard stepped in once we got home and quickly and efficiently reimbursed us for the pre-paid and non-refundable portions of that first missed day of our trip. Thanks for that.

  • Platinum Plan

    If you are looking for the total package that includes our highest level of medical coverage, plus additional benefits when purchased within 15 days of initial trip payment, then this is the package for you!

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  • Airline Flight Insurance

    Help make sure your travel plans take off with travel insurance through Travel Guard.

    Travel Guard's insurance plans can include flight accident coverage and flight cancellation coverage for when you travel. Plans may include enhanced medical coverage, trip cancellation/interruption coverage due to work reasons and involuntary job loss, 24/7 emergency travel, health services and more.

    For more than 20 years, Travel Guard has covered millions of travelers. We're America's leading provider of travel insurance and assistance service plans and we're here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Coverage provided through Travel Guard is easy to buy and with our 24-hour emergency travel services it's even easier to use.

    Travel Guard plans can offer numerous coverage options for trips of all shapes and sizes. Coverage lengths can be flexible and vary according to your plans. To find out which Travel Guard insurance plan is right for you, select Get A Quote today!

  • Brief Description of Coverage

    Coverage may not be available in all states.
    For questions regarding coverage, services or to file a claim please call 1.800.826.4919. 

    Flight Guard Plan

    Flight Guard® is accidental death and dismemberment insurance which provides you coverage for the duration of your trip while you are flying on commercial airlines. This is affordable coverage that should be considered with every flight you take.

    Select from five levels of coverage and receive coverage against unexpected accidents that may occur while on, boarding or leaving an aircraft.

    Five coverage options available - $100,000, $200,000, $300,000, $400,000 and $500,000.


    This is a brief outline of coverage - restrictions apply.
    For complete coverage details, please refer to the Certificate of Insurance or Policy.
    For questions regarding coverage, services or to file a claim please call 1.800.826.1300.

    Flight Guard: Coverage for accidental death or dismemberment that occurs when traveling on, boarding or alighting from a regularly scheduled flight or charter, subject to the Maximum shown in the Schedule. Amount selected from the minimum of $100,000 up to a maximum of $500,000.

    • Coverage includes: 
    • 100% benefit paid for:
    • Loss of life
    • Loss of both limbs
    • Loss of sight in both eyes
    • Loss of one limb and sight from one eye
    • 50% of benefit paid for:
    • Loss of one limb
    • Loss of sight in one eye

    If multiple losses result from the same accident, the total amount we will pay will be limited to the amount of Flight Guard coverage purchased. Loss must be within 365 days of the accident. We will pay for loss of life if your body has not been found within one year of the accident.


    • $100,000 - $9
    • $200,000 - $18
    • $300,000 - $27
    • $400,000 - $36
    • $500,000 - $45

    Above rates do not include a $5 service fee.


    • Q. Do I get to list a beneficiary?
      A. Yes, you may list a beneficiary when you are enrolling for coverage.
    • Q. Will I be covered by the insurance if I am flying on a private plane?
      A. You must be a passenger on a regularly scheduled airline or charter and operated by a properly certified pilot. Private planes are excluded.
    • Q. I am already on my trip and would like to enroll for flight insurance for my trip abroad, can I do so now?
      A. You must enroll for Flight Guard coverage prior to departure. We cannot begin coverage after the trip has started.
    • Q. When does the coverage begin?
      A. The coverage begins on your departure date and covers all flights during the trip, including the return flight.
    • Q. How does my beneficiary file a claim?
      A. To file a claim, your beneficiary can call Travel Guard® between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm CST and start the process with a claims analyst on the telephone. The analyst will explain what needs to be provided to Travel Guard in order to pay your claim. The form will then be faxed or mailed to your beneficiary to provide that information.
    • Q. What if I want a refund of the plan cost?
      A. Travel Guard is committed to providing products and services that exceed your expectations. If you are not completely satisfied, you can receive a refund. Request must be submitted to Travel Guard in writing within 15 days of the receipt of your coverage, providing it is not past your original departure date.

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    If you need immediate emergency travel assistance, please contact Travel Guard.
    888.826.1300 (U.S. Toll Free)
    715.345.0505 (International Collect)

Travel Guard

Travel Guard travel insurance plans include travel insurance & assistance that travels with you.

Coverages may include: Trip cancellation due to terrorism & other named unforeseen events, trip delay, lost baggage, medical emergency, & others. Purchase online for immediate coverage.

Certain coverages are subject to purchase requirements.
See each coverage for details.