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    Whether it's your first cruise or you have seasoned sea legs – these cruise tips can help make your next voyage memorable for all the right reasons.


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  • A Customer's Story:

    I would never consider traveling again without travel insurance.

    I was in South Africa on safari and on the first evening of the safari I fell while out in the bush. I broke my ankle in two places and required surgery. Upon my release from the hospital I contacted Travel Guard. They immediately assigned a claim number and started working on revised travel plans to get me home. Upon my return home I submitted all medical bills to their claims department. All covered expenses were paid within 30 days. I would never consider traveling again without travel insurance. Thank you Travel Guard!

    - Rebecca, TX
  • Tips for Cruising

    Cruising can be a great way to try varying activities and see several destinations in one trip. Whether it's your first cruise or you have seasoned sea legs – these cruise tips can help make your next voyage memorable for all the right reasons.

    Go Prepared
    While your cruise might leave from the U.S., you may need your passport if you plan to leave the ship on any port days if the ships docks internationally (as many ships do). Be sure to check into this before you go so you don't end up stuck on the ship instead of off exploring.

    Check the Layout
    Before booking, check the deck plans online so you can be sure to book a room that isn't directly below a well-traveled area. Avoid rooming right below the 24-hour buffet or onboard dance club, and you'll cut down on excess noise in your cabin.

    Keep in mind that it can take several hours from the time you board the ship to the time your luggage arrives at your cabin. In order to take full advantage of the ship right away, pack first day necessities like a swimsuit in your carry-on so that you aren't waiting around for your luggage.

    Pack Light
    Heading out on a longer cruise? Many ships offer laundry service (either for free or a small fee). Take advantage of this service if you can. The money you save on fewer bags to check and lug through the airport just may pay for the laundry service itself.

    Pack a separate plastic bag for each day trip you'll be taking. Include the things you'll need on your day trip; sunscreen, insect repellant, excursion confirmations, maps, or a language dictionary. It'll be easier knowing everything for your day trip is in one place so you can avoid scrambling to pack in your cabin the night before.

    Arrive Early
    It can be tempting to save those extra vacation days at work and arrive in the port city the day of your cruise. Doing this puts you on a tight schedule, however, and any delays could mean disaster for your well planned vacation. Arrive a day or two early (especially if you're traveling during the winter months) and enjoy some pre-cruise relaxation by exploring the port city.

    Traveling with a large group of people? Bring walkie-talkies onboard to keep everyone connected. This way, you can avoid any cell phone roaming charges.

    Pack Travel Insurance
    Whether your concern is seasickness or lost luggage, a travel insurance plan from Travel Guard can be there for you while you cruise. Travel Guard's 'round the clock assistance can go to work on your behalf re-booking delayed or cancelled flights so you don't miss your ship's departure, finding lost luggage and more. Travel Guard can also help if you experience a medical emergency onboard your cruise. Plus a travel insurance plan can cover you for things like travel delays due to inclement weather, trip cancellation/interruption and medical expenses so that you may book your vacation with confidence.

    For more ways a travel insurance plan from Travel Guard is important for your next cruise, click here.

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Travel Guard travel insurance plans include travel insurance & assistance that travels with you.

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