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  • What to consider when traveling with pets


    Family trips aren't the same if you don't have every member of the household along for the ride, and that includes pets. In fact, bringing cats or dogs along for vacation has become an increasingly popular option, with more than half of pet owners saying they bring their four-legged friends with them, according to AAA and Best Western International. While having your pets with you can certainly improve the quality of your trip, you have to take certain steps ahead of time to make sure everything goes smoothly.

    On the road
    Chances are you've driven with your pet, but if you're taking an extended road trip you may experience some things you might not have before. According to Mother Nature Network, one of the most important things to remember is to ensure your cat or dog is strapped in. Tens of thousands of accidents each year are caused by pets roaming throughout a vehicle. Making use of a pet barrier, pet seat belt, pet car seat or travel crate will not only reduce the risk of an accident, but also makes sure your furry friend stays safe.

    Of course, there are other things to take into consideration than how you keep your pet restrained. You should make a point to take frequent pit stops during your trip. In addition to letting them use the bathroom, it will help your pet get some exercise on an hours-long journey.

    In the air
    Air travel with pets is much more complicated, and before you consider bringing them with you, you should think about whether they're able to take to the skies. According to the news source, pets that are young, old or sick should stay home. If they're in good health, you need to do some research. Look into which airlines are best for pets, what regulations and fees there are and if there is a risk of any issues. Finally, before the flight, make sure your pet gets some exercise so it will be more likely to sleep during the journey.

    Take time to prepare
    Regardless of what mode of transportation you're taking, it's important for you to prepare your cat or dog for the trip. AAA recommends acclimating them to the car, getting a clean bill of health from the vet and brushing them up on their behavior.

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