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  • Visit the most unusual buildings in Europe


    Visiting beautiful, centuries-old buildings has long been a staple of Europe travel, but the continent is home to much more than historic churches and residences. In fact, Europe contains some of the most unique structures you're likely to find in your travels. Though they may not pack the historical punch of a building such as Westminster Abbey or the Eiffel Tower, chances are you won't soon forget them.

    Casa Mila, Spain
    A little more than 100 years old, this iconic building was designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi for a wealthy couple, who later let it fall into disrepair. According to CNN, the building was renovated in the 1990s and today stands as one of the most unique buildings in Spain. Gaudi used unusual curtain walls and a self-supporting facade to create the memorable outward appearance, but some of its interior features make it stand out even more. For instance, the building includes an underground parking garage and secret passage ways.

    Graz Art Museum, Austria
    Graz is recognized as one of Europe's most artistic cities, so it's only fitting that the art museum reflects its progressive atmosphere. Built in 2003, this enormous structure immediately stands out due to its amorphous design, and is affectionately known as the Friendly Alien among the city's residents. Perhaps most intriguing is the fact that the exterior and interior can both be altered based on the whims of the curator, CNN reports.

    Cube houses, Netherlands
    Not all unusual architecture has to be designed specifically for wealthy homeowners or to house modern art, and such is the case for the famous Rotterdam cube houses. The cube-shaped homes sit atop pylons and were designed by Piet Blom in 1984 to create somewhat of an urban forest, with each home meant to represent a tree. All  of the homes are titled at a 45-degree angle and the result is an architectural oddity you're unlikely to see anywhere else.

    Dancing House, Czech Republic
    Located in the capital city of Prague, the Dancing House was built in 1996, and its unconventional design is instantly recognizable among many of the centuries-old buildings that surround it. The glass building is renowned for its unusual curvy structure and it is more than just something to gawk at - the house's top floor is open to the public and is home to a well-regarded restaurant. 

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