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  • Visit some of the best Civil War landmarks in honor of Gettysburg's anniversary


    United States travel is replete with historic landmarks, but few can compete with Gettysburg National Military Park. The site of one of the most iconic battles in the Civil War, this Pennsylvania park has become a large tourist draw over the years, and this is especially true this week, which marks the 150th anniversary of the battle. According to CNN, hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to make the trip to the park over the next week to see reenactments of what was considered the turning point of the war. Although Gettysburg may have the spotlight this week, there are many other Civil War highlights in the U.S. that will appeal to the history buff travelers, and here are a few:

    Fort Sumter National Monument
    This South Carolina fort is where the entire conflict started. Southern forces fired upon northern troops stationed at the fort, which would begin four years of bloody fighting that divided the national. Aside from admiring the historical significance of the monument, you can tour the fort, including walking its walls, which provides a view of what the soldiers would have seen more than 150 years ago. You should also explore the museum as the perfect complement to your visit.

    Shiloh National Military Park
    Gettysburg is certainly not the only famous battle of the Civil War, and the Battle of Shiloh is among the most well-known. It was a costly victory for Union forces, and today it stands as a solemn reminder of the price paid my thousands of troops during the Civil War. Be sure to tour the Shiloh National Ceremony located in the northeast corner of the park. Its location in southern Tennessee also places it in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the U.S.

    After visiting where the conflict began, it's only fitting to visit Appomattox, Va., where the Civil War officially ended. Located 25 miles to the east of Lynchburg, the park in Appomattox features more than two dozen buildings, many of which have been restored to resemble how they appeared in 1865. Among the most famous of these is the Appomattox Court House, where Confederate General Robert E. Lee officially surrendered, bringing the war to an end.

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