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  • Under-the-radar American cities for foodies


    Foodies often travel far and wide to taste some of the world's best creations. There are a few destinations that offer spectacular meals a bit closer to home, however. While sprawling urban areas like New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago may appeal to foodies thanks to their huge assortment of restaurants, other cities scattered across the U.S. also boast top-notch culinary options.

    Baltimore, Md.
    Baltimore has a prime location right on the Chesapeake Bay, and its proximity to the water makes it a hot spot for anyone who loves seafood. Crabs are the specialty of this quaint city and are not to be missed by travelers. Many spots by the waterfront prepare steamed crabs and serve them in huge portions that are ideal for sharing among large groups. If you want to try styles other than steamed, you're in luck, as many establishments around the city are known for things like crab cakes, crab soup and even more unique recipes like crab guacamole.

    New Orleans, La.
    Much like Baltimore, New Orleans has a location that influences its food. Freshly caught seafood, ranging from crawfish to shrimp to crab, is at the center of many classic dishes. However, the confluence of cultures in the Big Easy has affected the cuisine, and visitors who taste a local dish will likely catch flavors evolving from French, Creole, Caribbean and traditional American styles of cooking. Gumbo, Jambalaya and sandwiches known as po' boys, which usually feature roast beef or fried seafood with gravy served on French bread, are all dishes travelers must have when visiting the city.

    Providence, R.I.
    This small city may be overshadowed by nearby Boston, Mass., but foodies know this haven is filled with a variety of mouthwatering culinary treats. The district known as Federal Hill is packed with people who claim Italian ancestry, making it one of the best places in New England to bite into a slice of pizza or munch on a scrumptious cannoli. That's not all this city has to offer, however. Cozy farm-to-table restaurants have begun to take off in the area as well.

    Seattle, Wash.
    It's almost impossible to visit Seattle without stopping by the famous Pike Place Market. You can find great seafood there, but this farmers market is only the tip of the iceberg. Plenty of cafes fill the city, and high-class restaurants are wonderful places to try locally caught salmon or fish and chips.

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