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  • Traveling as a couple


    According to a survey conducted by Courtyard Marriott, many couples are not satisfied with how much they travel with their partner. Nearly 70 percent of respondents said they don't go away as a couple as often as they would like. The study also found that, despite the overwhelming majority of people saying they enjoy traveling with their significant other, 25 percent of couples never travel for leisure purposes and only half travel together once or twice per year.

    The survey also ranked what people deem to be the traits they most look for in trips, and it seems that many couples are looking for vacations resembling honeymoon travel. While most want to see local attractions (56 percent), couples also site rejuvenation (39 percent), being romantic (37 percent) and developing relationships (35 percent) as attractive qualities in a vacation.

    So what can couples do to combat this dissatisfaction? There are some travel tips & tricks that duos can take advantage of.

    Tips for couples travel 

    Couples who have never traveled together should start locally and work up to bigger vacations. Set a clear budget beforehand so there are no shocks on the road and both sides are comfortable with the plan. Allowing for time apart to indulge in some private activities or just an afternoon of personal relaxation is also an effective way to keep travelers happy.

    Another effective tip is to leave room for surprises and spontaneity. Both men and women said they would enjoy being surprised with a fancy dinner out. Men then look to adventure travel or sporting events as their vacation ideal, whereas women focused on visiting spas or going shopping. However, both sides recognized that these desires may not necessarily be what their partners are looking for in a vacation.

    This level of understanding of both sides underscores the most important tip of traveling as a couple - be flexible. Bumps in the road will inevitably pop up and there will be differences of opinion, but if both sides are willing to compromise then the vacation won't suffer because of it.

    There are a number of destinations that partners can use for leisure trips. It doesn't matter if it's a year-long trek around the globe or a simple weekend away - couples can find memorable trips that satisfy their travel needs. 

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