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  • Travelers planning for 2014 should take note of recent trends


    As the end of 2013 approaches, forward-thinking travelers are undoubtedly preparing for the following year's trips. With all the businesspeople and casual vacationers creating new, measurable travel habits, it's simpler for future trip-goers to use these successes as guideposts for their own journeys.

    Travel trends throughout 2013
    The Huffington Post reported that over the year, specific trends have become apparent to travel experts. A sense of charity, for example, is becoming a normal pattern for individuals who visit foreign countries. While on vacation, the news provider noted that travelers will find ways to give back by performing simple activities, such as assisting with a construction project or by donating money for educational supplies. In more aggressive versions of these philanthropic instances, individuals will plan entire trips based on in-need areas so that they can lend a helping hand.

    An appetite for foreign cuisine was also a high priority for honeymooners and families. Individuals who hoped to bring a little culture into their lives made trips to faraway places with the sole purpose of experiencing what the locals eat. With green initiatives and philanthropic efforts trending, like-minded vacationers also flocked to areas of the world that use alternative energy sources to grow and produce their foods for inspiration. According to the source, the ability to sample authentic cuisine was reason enough for these travelers to pack up their suitcases and journey abroad.

    In the spirit of tasting new things, the source noted that thrill-seeking travelers who like to try new alcoholic beverages made special trips abroad to places like Ireland and India for their selection of beers, wines and liquors. Although many of these drinks can be found in the U.S., the allure for some of these individuals was in gaining the cultural experience of drinking their favorite kind of spirits in the country of these beverages' origin. While perhaps not well-suited for family travel, this option is great for honeymooners.

    Leveraging extra costs for more comfort
    Another article by the source indicated that smart traveling also trended this year. Rather than seeking ways to cut costs by sacrificing comfort, The Huffington Post noted that more individuals are opting to spend a "small premium" on the next step up from their original plans. Instead of flying coach, for example, the source suggested upgrading to an economy-class seat during a lengthy flight to avoid the unnecessary - and guaranteed - stresses of traveling with the bottom-class option.

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