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  • Travel gadgets aimed at the family pet


    For some people, it's not a family vacation unless the pet is included. Travel gadget companies know this predicament, which is why there are a range of products available designed to make traveling with an animal a little easier.

    MSN recently looked at some of the more popular gadgets that travelers are using in order to make their pet feel like one of the family.

    Once a traveler finds a dog-friendly hotel, they might feel a little awkward about leaving their dog back in the room. For this, or any time a dog is left in a strange area, there's the Dog Training Tracks CD. This piece of audio, also available as an MP3, features the sound of a dogs heartbeat overlaid with smooth jazz. In addition, it includes everyday sounds like typing or running water to make the pet feel like they're at home.

    Cat owners have another issue entirely - mainly how to handle the normal litter box routine? One company has come up with a travel gadget, dubbed the "KatPak," which is essentially a litter box housed in a cardboard box. Even a cat traveling in a vehicle could handle their business in this invention, which comes with handles for easy disposal.

    Whether it's a short trip or a full-scale family reunion, every trip is a little better when the family pet tags along. These gadgets make it easy for them to do so.

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