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  • Travel tips to keep you in shape when you're away from home


    Taking a vacation is a great way to relax and get away from the routine of everyday life. That doesn't mean that every ritual should be interrupted, though. Unless your vacation involves some intense adventure travel, it's easy to get knocked out of your fitness routine and back to the starting line.

    You probably already have most parts of your trip planned out: where to stay, what to do, maybe even what to eat. So just make exercise a part of your plan. Yahoo suggested finding out whether you will have access to a gym and healthy meals near where you're staying or if you'll have to work a bit for it. Either way, you can work fitness into your schedule more easily if you know what you're getting into ahead of time.

    Most vacations will give you the chance to stick at least somewhat close to your regular regimen. If you maintain some consistency, it will make it easier to fill in the gaps with what's available and let you off a little easier when things go wrong.

    On that note, it's best to assume that at least something will not turn out how you want. Competitor suggested being prepared to change your plans on the fly. Whether it's a flight delay, a hotel cancelation or a freak storm, be ready to deal with major obstacles in a way that doesn't mean losing a day of training. Unless you're in staying in a capsule hotel in Tokyo, you can at least fit in some bodyweight exercises in your room. Even if you're stuck without access to a running path, a stroll through town beats sitting in a cafe, at least as far as your health is concerned.

    One caveat to sticking to your regular routine is that, owing to the tendency for plans to go awry on vacation, it might be better to get your exercise in the morning before you've been exhausted by the day's excitement. That way you can actually enjoy yourself instead of planning out a run when you should be enjoying the sights.

    Perhaps most importantly, make sure you stay rested and hydrated on your trip. While you can adjust your workout to just about any problem that arises, getting sick is sure to knock you out for at least a day. The air recycling process on planes makes air travelers particularly susceptible to dehydration, according to Healthline, and it's easy to stretch yourself too thin trying to get too much out of one vacation. Try timing your travel so that you don't miss too much sleep and drink even more water than usual just to be on the safe side.

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