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  • Top mysteries to visit - and solve


    Tourists looking for adventure travel and the chance to investigate some of the world's greatest - and oldest - mysteries may want to consider visiting the following locations across the globe on their next vacation.

    This stone structure in England has become an iconic image, but scientists and historians have yet to agree upon what its original function was. Researchers have several theories about these massive rocks in the county of Wiltshire, including that they formed an observatory, a calendar, a place of worship, a burial ground or are the result of alien contact. Travelers eager for a mystery can take a bus or drive out to the countryside and decide for themselves what they think Stonehenge is.

    Mona Lisa
    Artists may prefer to delve into the mystery of a painting like the Mona Lisa rather than a stone structure. Travelers can visit The Louvre in Paris to look upon this masterpiece in the French museum. Painted by Leonardo DaVinci, the Mona Lisa makes visitors ponder what exactly makes art valuable and famous, what the woman in the painting seems to be smiling about and how her eyes follow viewers as they walk by.

    Jack the Ripper
    For those who prefer a murder mystery, they can explore the walking tours in the Whitechapel area of London, the location of the infamous Jack the Ripper crimes. Just as detectives were emerging in Scotland Yard, Jack the Ripper took women as his victims in the growing capital, and seemed to vanish into the fog. Still unsolved today, his crimes can be learned about and his locations visited on tours.

    The Great Sphinx at Giza
    As with Stonehenge, the Great Sphinx in Egypt provides little information about its creation, and archeologists have had to theorize on its origins. Tourists can see the half-man half-lion and determine what they think it was for. They can also contemplate the riddle of the Sphinx and wonder why the man who finally solved it - Oedipus - went on to a life of tragedy. Perhaps the Sphinx's purpose is to remind travelers that some mysteries should remain unsolved.

    Whether they're curious about the past or eager to put their detective skills to the test, travelers looking for a bit of mystery can venture to these destinations. 

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