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  • Tips for your first time in Brazil


    Are you planning an exciting adventure travel trip to Brazil? You're not alone, as the country is currently preparing to host the 2016 Summer Olympics and 2014 World Cup, both of which are major events that are already attracting attention as well as visitors. This influx of travelers could be enough to pique your interest in visiting the country, and the destination is more than worthy of your time.

    Here are a few travel tips and tricks that can make your Brazilian adventure go smoothly:

    Budget accordingly
    It may sound strange to hear that you should be budgeting for your trip, especially since travelers tend to take care of the financial issues before finalizing plans. However, preparing for a trip to Brazil in the near future may require you to put some extra thought into your budget. Prices are rapidly climbing as more people venture to the country, and there's no telling how high some fees may be by the time you land.

    The prospect of high prices doesn't have to deter you from Brazil. There are many opportunities for finding great deals, and heading off the beaten path may take you to a few of these cost-effective locales.

    Don't limit yourself to one place
    If there's one thing you should keep in mind when organizing a trip, it's that you don't need to keep your travels to only one destination in Brazil. Major cities like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo and Brasilia are all worthwhile spots, and you can find diverse adventures at each destination. There are also a few relaxing locations that could serve as the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway. Consider trekking to islands like Ilha Grande or Ilha de Boipeba. Both of these secluded spots are just a short jaunt from large travel hubs, offering a place to observe nature and soak up the sun without many other travelers.

    Know how to get around
    Of course, planning excursions to multiple stops throughout Brazil means you're going to need to learn how to get around the country. This is made difficult due to the language and cultural barriers, as the main language of the South American locale is Portuguese and the people have a distinct look that may cause you to stick out.

    While that could make you a target for scam artists, it's easy to avoid these traps. Walking around cities or using public transportation is affordable and efficient, and it helps you bypass airport taxis that charge an arm and a leg. Urban areas typically offer airport shuttles, which may be a cheaper and safer alternative to those taxi cabs.

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