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  • Tips for single travelers


    A vacation with your family and friends can be fun and exciting, but there's a special sort of thrill that comes with traveling on your own. If you're brave enough to embark on adventure travel all by your lonesome, then we have a few tips and tricks that will make it smooth sailing until you're back at home:

    A friend back home
    The most important thing to keep in mind as a single traveler is your personal safety. Because you won't have any companions to help you if you run into trouble, it's essential that you have at least one or two friends or family back home with whom you check in frequently. Before you leave, make sure these trusted individuals know your itinerary from top to bottom. Check in with them at each stop, even if it's just to send a quick email, so they know you're on the right track. Also be certain this person has any and all emergency contact information for your loved ones back home.

    Finding accommodations
    When traveling with friends and family, it's usually easiest to stick to hotel rooms or vacation rentals. However, when you're on your own, you have many more options. In foreign countries, it can be fun to stay with a host family, as they will be able to help you with any questions you may have and also give you insight into the culture you're visiting. Staying in hostels is a great way to meet people, as many of these facilities have dorm-style bedrooms and bars, restaurants or cafes attached.

    Making new friends
    You'd have to try hard not to make friends when traveling alone. Single globetrotters attract one another, so you should be prepared to make some new friends and acquaintances as you travel. If you are feeling social, you should put yourself out there by visiting local bars, pubs and points of interest. If you'd prefer to meet other people who are on the road, look for touristy hot spots. Otherwise, stick to the places that aren't in your guidebooks to fraternize with the locals.

    Keeping it simple
    As a single traveler, every aspect of your trip from booking flights to carrying your luggage will be on your shoulders. Your trip will be a lot more interesting if you keep it simple. Don't try to visit every single attraction or trek to all of the big cities in the country you are visiting. Instead, slow down your pace and allow yourself to truly get to know one or two spots intimately.  

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