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  • Tips for eating in moderation on cruises


    Indulging in delicious meals is often a highlight of a cruise vacation, especially on the big ships. These vessels host various restaurants, bars and snack shops where passengers can often eat as much as they like and sample all of the choices while cruising. This can be a great way for cruisers to try some new and exotic cuisine for the first time at an all-inclusive price without worry about the final bill every night.

    However, unlimited culinary delights at a traveler's fingertips comes with a different kind of price. According to a recent study by, the average guests aboard a two-week cruise will pack on roughly 13 pounds from their vacation from the buffets and 24-hour room service.

    About 1,000 regular cruisers answered a poll that recorded their eating habits. Nearly 10 percent said they at least gained a few pounds, while another 6 percent answered they could sometimes gain 17 pounds or more. Some claimed they would eat double their normal caloric intake, due to the unlimited offerings of many different dishes. In conjunction with the weight gain, close to half of those who did carry extra pounds off the ship had a tough time losing it after the vacation.

    There are ways travelers can avoid gaining unnecessary weight while cruising if they plan ahead and make wise choices, reports USA Today. Getaways are a time to relax and not count calories, but some restrictions may help alleviate the stress of working to lose weight after a cruise expedition.

    When heading to the buffet, travelers can select a small plate and limit themselves to a few items. After eating, taking a short break then re-evaluating how full they feel can avoid over-indulging and dealing with discomfort.

    If travelers are on a cruise with their friends or families, it can be fun to split foods with each other to try a little bit of everything. This is especially true of desserts, so those who go together to get meals can pick one slice of cake instead of two.

    If there are stations that allow guests to customize a stir-fry or omelet, it can be a good way to have more vegetables and control the oils or fats used to create the meal. Most chefs on the cruise are willing to answer questions passengers may have as well, and can recommend some tasty selections that may be healthier than others. 

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