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  • Tips for a long flight


    The longest nonstop flight in the world - spanning 19 hours from Singapore to Newark - will soon be canceled. However, there are still plenty of long hauls across the globe to wear down travelers' nerves. For those that cringe at any flight longer than 3 hours, here are some travel tips and tricks for getting through the big ones.

    Turning back the clocks
    One of the biggest hurdles for long-distance travelers is the grogginess that comes with crossing multiple time zones in a day. In honor of the flight's cancelation, CNN Travel has culled advice from business travel veterans who called the jet-lag inducing flight a second home. Chris Uriarte, an American Express executive who logs 200,000 flight miles a year and has braved the Singapore sling some dozen times, recommends preparing for time zone-hopping days before takeoff.

    "You should try on the day before to get on the same clock as your destination," said Uriarte. "For long west-to-east flights - a day or two before you leave, start moving your bedtime earlier in the evening. For long east-to-west flights, try to delay sleep until late at night."

    This may require some extra effort on the part of a traveler, but it will ultimately result in better productivity once the plane has touched down, claimed Uriarte.

    Picking your position
    Airlines are constantly redrawing the lines for leg room and the size of their coach cabins, often to the disadvantage of the everyday traveler. However, smart travelers can maximize their comfort no matter the airline by keeping some basic seating principles in mind.

    While it may be hard to admit, business class is invariably more comfortable. Independent Traveler recommends working hard for an upgrade by utilizing frequent flier miles and possibly a travel agent to get the best seats possible. If the day, time or destination of a flight is somehow a secondary concern, it's also possible to nab a last-minute seat on the cheap from airlines.

    If you can't upgrade, remember that even in coach not all seats are equal. Travelers planning to catch some sleep should consider window seats, as it's much easier to doze off when people aren't climbing over you. Additionally, seats behind the engines will be louder. For some, that drowsy roar can be a plus. Otherwise, get a seat closer to the front of the plane.

    Packing right
    What you bring onboard - and leave at home - can make all the difference. Remember essentials such as headphones, eyemasks, pillows and warm layers. However, don't overcrowd yourself with unnecessary gadgets, cords and cables that compete for leg room.

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