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  • The perks of traveling to Estonia


    Many travelers may head straight for the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Big Ben in London on their adventure travel trip to Europe, but there is so much else to see throughout this vast continent. Estonia is one of the most picturesque countries in the east they may be overlooked when visitors are hoping to hit the iconic landmarks, but those who venture to this locale will see that it has much to offer.

    Right away upon arrival in the country, travelers are able to use technology in the Tallinn International Airport. Last year, computer equipment was installed at some of the terminals so passengers could use Skype programs for free. Anyone departing or arriving may make calls home worldwide and video chat with friends and relatives, reports International Business Times. The airport also has free wireless internet throughout the building and several other stations for sending free email messages.

    Nature buffs will soon find out that Estonia has many parks and nature reserves that welcome guests to check out the beautiful flora and fauna of the country. One of the most popular places to visit is the Soomaa National Park, which is home to massive wetlands and plenty of hiking trails where tourists can enjoy the balmy, pleasant weather, reports The Ecologist. Many parts of the reserve are even submerged in water, so kids may have fun splashing around when taking a break from walking. While hiking or canoeing through the park, travelers can spot active wildlife such as brown bears, elk, lynx, beaver and wolves.

    Estonians love festivals and many travelers will join in on the fun, especially in the summertime. Visitors can catch some live music at the Ollesummer, or Beer Summer, concerts in July, including some big international acts and talented Estonian bands on a massive outdoor stage. This year, pop star Mika is scheduled to perform, as well as jazz act Nouvelle Vauge from France.

    When travelers have had their fill of Estonia's natural wonders and fun attractions, they can easily access several other neighboring countries to continue their European travel adventure. The country's location is ideal for tourists who hope to see several destinations on their trip, whether they choose to journey by ferry, train or rental car. For instance, directly across the Baltic Sea from Tallinn is Helsinki, Finland, for those who want to experience another capital city. Other countries in close distance include Latvia, Russia and Sweden.

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