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  • The best beaches in Australia


    Australia travel presents you with some of the most unique adventure opportunities of anywhere else in the world. Whether you prefer snorkeling or roughing it in the Outback, the Land Down Under has you covered. However, it is also an ideal destination for anyone looking for a more relaxing excursion by spending time on the beach. There are many coastal enclaves to choose from, but Toronto Star notes there are a few in particular that stand above the rest. 

    Whitehaven Beach
    Located in Queensland, Whitehaven Beach stands out as one of the best pieces of coastline in the world. The clean, white sand stretches for more than four miles and what makes it so appealing is that it's far removed from the country's big cities. In fact, visitors have to travel there by way of boat or float plane, and with campsites located nearby it's the perfect spot to spend a few days removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

    Lucky Bay
    Standing on the opposite side of the country from Whitehaven, Lucky Bay is also a good place for someone looking to get away from it all. It's part of the larger Cape Le Grand National Park, and the closest major city, Perth, is hundreds of miles away. According to the Star, its white sand is very similar to Whitehaven's, but it differs because the surrounding landscape, highlighted by enormous granite boulders, creates one of the most unique landscapes in the country.

    Elephant Rocks
    Lucky Bay and Whitehaven both are well-known for their iconic white sand, but Elephant Rocks, located in western Australia, is much different. As the name implies, the beach is highlighted by a rock formation that resembles the heads of elephants, and though it may not be as ideal for tanning as the other two, it is no less appealing to anyone looking for some adventure.

    Crescent Head
    Perfect for anyone who wants to make the short journey from nearby Sydney, Crescent Head combines the white sands of Lucky Bay and Whitehaven with the geological diversity of Elephant Rocks. While the sands might not be quite as beautiful, Crescent Head is well-suited for whatever you want to do, whether it's trying your hand at surfing or lounging in the sand for the majority of the day.

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